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  1. First status of 2023

  2. Its ******* stupid how they decided to do that **** lmao. Not surprised ppl hate Halo Infinite online.
  3. Lol TDK Supremacy

  4. TDK is a Halo MCC Clan that you can easily join. Its a public clan so feel free to join whenever you want. We don't really have a specific format we play so we kinda just do whatever (though I mostly play 4v4s). Feel free to make your clan tag in Halo MCC "[T.D.K.]" and be a part of TDK. We have a discord server currently. TDK Flag: Have fun in TDK If you want to, feel free to invite friends as this is public.
  5. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Mario Kart 64 was pretty fun. I have a few legit cartridges (SM64, Ocarina of Time, PKMN Stadium 2, and Pokemon Snap). If I had to take a guess as to why the PKMN Stadium 2 cartridge is half-gold and half-grey, its to represent Pokemon Gold and Silver colors. Ye. Thats pretty much next on the radar. Tip: If you don't have enough money, just buy more money
  6. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Yea it is gonna be annoying in like 8 years. And they brought N64 with like PKMN Stadium or some other actually good games I think so F. Thx lol. Highest VR i got so far was like 5.8k and BR I managed to get to like 5.3k Probably a better use of that money or if u don't have an OG Xbox, just get that and then mod it like ill do. Afterwards, Halo 2 with Insignia
  7. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Yea ig. It works well, but its annoying. Mario Kart Wii was and still is amazing. I'm also grinding VR/BR on that tbh (gotta get to 9999VR/BR) Probably never gonna be good until the games are dead which will take forever because there's not many other options that are as big.
  8. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Yea. Nintendo basically just forcing you to use the online service instead of buying them. Cheaper technically, but if servers go down one day even having it downloaded won't save you (despite being able to play offline) Wii Sports is pretty fun. Yea at this point its probably important for that lol. Or to take 5-6 years to make it so they can make an actually good game
  9. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Yea ig. Wish they wouldn't have done it like that or at least could get more games like PSO/PSU on there but its better than some consoles (cough cough nintendo switch with no direct compatibility unless you wanna do NSO which is BS since it isnt a matter of games being scarce at this point unless its NES games cough cough) Dolphin is basically a Wii/GCN emulator. It was pretty fun though. No regular online bc emulator, but still was pretty fun playing in single player. I've heard it was somewhat good, but at this point devs just gonna need like 5-6 years to actually make a good game with reasonable amounts of content. I'm not sure if constantly releasing has killed them or what, but on the other hand the series got actually good games surprisingly often even long ago.
  10. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Yea. Xbox One does compatibility almost perfect, but they messed up with the fact that only certain games actually work. Otherwise it would be perfect as most games could run lol. PSO I've played the GCN version via Dolphin which was fun, and PSU I heard was good too. Yea they just remade MW2. Granted with how Call of Duty has been in the last few years, its probably not good so MW2/MW3 time
  11. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Yea lmao. Pretty much only game other than MW2/MW3 I have on Xbox One so I might as well grind the hell out of Halo. Especially since other games like PSU and PSO weirdly aren't compatible on Xbox One lol
  12. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Yea 4v4s are a bit more relaxed and not chaotic tho 8v8 seems fun too. I'm just trying to get the clan system unlocked from 50 multiplayer games as I recently got Xbox Live as some guy just gave me like 30 days on YouTube lol. Huge W for me ig. Until that runs out, I'm playing Halo a ton
  13. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Thx lmao. Probably should do good. I'll have to get an OG Xbox soon. Lol its pretty fun but chaotic I have to admit. I usually play 4v4s tho I might consider playing 8v8s
  14. Dc

    Hello Everyone :D

    Agreed lmao. I have a copy that I got today, but I've pretty much played the Classic Halo 2 on Halo MCC before then lol.
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