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Found 9 results

  1. Hello All, I am predominantly known as Zyrax Starfire and I am new here. I hope to join in with the community and keep up with things as well as get to meet new players and such. As of the last couple of weeks, I have had trouble with the HALO 5 servers and am still in a position where I can not play past the campaign.. Any help would be appreciated since I am wondering whether I should just give up with the game.
  2. Ok guys, my two week trial is up, and I don’t have the money to continue this membership, so I would love to thank you guys for making me feel really welcome here, been a great journey, and now the truth about if I am really a druid or not, well the thing is I ... wait- it's free? Okay, well *tosses speech away*, I've been on for about 2 weeks now, give or take, and I just wanted to say that this place is outstanding! Even more so because I have always had trouble fitting in, (whether it was school, or social outings) but it is amazing how you guys welcomed me, into the community! In the last few days I've been having this crazy urge to become a bigger part of this forum, so I've decided that I am going to spend less time in the shout box, and more time making posts; don't worry as I will try my best to make them w...w....wprtZzzzZzzzzZZzzz... OH uh, worth the read and you have my seal of approval! So that being said, I should end this here before you guys fall asleep, I’m sure I've rambled on long enough! Cheers guys, and thanks for being 110% awesome!
  3. Hi all, I'm very new. Like today new. Honestly i'm just following the bot's advice and starting a post. Iv'e always been into Halo lore. Good stuff, great stuff actually. Read all the books, at least the ones that are existing relevant to my knowledge and am looking forward to "Broken Circle". Lemme know what you like about Halo lore, maybe to neat stuff like how "contact Harvest" used Nordic mythology in the naming of many of it's context. I probably sound like a total noob.. Regards MetalPolarBear
  4. So how do i add a signature to my replies? i'm new to foruming in general
  5. What's up guys? I'm kinda new here so if we can skip picking on the new kid, that'd be appreciable. My favorite game's Halo 2, I love Halo 4 (currently on the Plasma Pistol challenge for Recon SURG armor), I'm all Recon armor in any Halo that allows it (think of it as my legacy or identity), Halo: Combat Evolved was my initiation into gaming, I don't know how to make proper introductions (sorry guys), and there is no game I put in front of Halo. I was brought here the oddest way possible; being perma-banned from Halo Waypoint forums for bumping someone else's "Thank You 343i" thread (saw everyone else bumping so I didn't think it was a problem. :l) so, learning from past mistakes, I'm here to play it clean and enjoy me some fan opinion. Gamertag's Arr0wSync, I'm big on Miami Heat and Boston Red Sox aside from Halo, I can't choose between Marty O'Donnell and Neil Davidge, and I love playing customs with an overheating passion. What's up, bromigos? TL;DR: Love Halo 4. Halo is my home. Hope this place is too!
  6. Hey everybody here. I actually joined the site a couple of days ago and never got around to doing this. Anyways my name on this site is cooliestrap for many reasons and I use this as my username on everything... except Xbox. I started using cooliestrap as my username about two years after I got xbox live. So My GamerTag is Gwam Lam. I'm not really sure why to this day... all I know is that I use to love rhyming and ya? And now I have some weird connection to it... So if you look me up on xbox make sure you look up Gwam Lam not cooliestrap. That aside I want to say how cool this site is along with the awesome community. I hope that I can get a bunch of super awesome customs up with you guys. I really only play halo nowadays cuz it's the only game I still seem to really like. Cooliestrap (pronounced- Cool-E-Est-Rap) not Coolie-Strap Also I love Adventure time, so any Adventure time references or pictures sent to me will be highly accepted. Love, Cooliestrap/ Gwam Lam
  7. Hello guys I'm Lori Cornmesser. I have joined this forum to day Regards: Lori Cornmesser
  8. Hello, I just like to say Hi to everyone, I am Melinda Le-Compte new to this forum and I hope I will get to know some of you over time.I have been looking around on this forum and I have seen alot of good info here This forum has given me great ideas. Regards: Melinda Le-Compte
  9. My name is Kerry Jewel. I am new here and Glad to be a part of the community. i have undertaken a great deal of work for various charities; most notably Rotary International, The Cochlear Implant Trust and the International Variety Club of Australia – the greatest children’s charity in the world. Hoping to have a lovely time with ya all, Heard a lot about this forum but never had a chance to get myself registered. Well here I am atlast.. Regards Kerry Jewel
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