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  1. yeah maybe 30 mins into it being installed and playing online i got booted to dashboard, seems microsoft have told me theres nothing they can do and it must be on bungies end, because of this problem its made me hate the game! gutted, microsoft told me this is where someone can help me, but i guess they are just moving me along lol
  2. i bought my halo 5 gaurdians digital copy on day of release! it worked for first 20 mins and then shut down to dashboard, as if the game just totally crashed after giving up trying to play i decided to delete the game, refresh my whole xbox, reset default settings, downloaded my gamertag and downloaded all my games again including halo, had an update for halo a couple of times but this issue still happens can not really play the game as game just shuts down to dashboard and i have to reboot it. still connected with my friends in chat but no luck with keeping in the game with them, ive had this issue before with titanfall and had this refunded, but my only solution i know i could do now is buy the game on disk and try that but really dnt think i should do that if anyone has any suggestions please the help would be great thanks again
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