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Found 2 results

  1. Ok so i've been a fan of Halo since its original release, I waited in line for the first halo to hit the stores and i've enjoyed every single halo that Bungie ever came out with. Then 343 got there hands on it and down the ******* it went. 343 isn't interested in anything more than to squeeze as much money from this cash cow as possible. Allowing micro transactions in this game is at the same level of cell phone games and i'd rather pay 3 dollars on candy crush before i give 343 anymore of my money. Why the hate for 343? here's why. 1.) Matchmaking- no such thing in Halo 5, I know there are more than 100 people that play this game at any given point in time so why do I (platinum 1) get constantly put against players (diamond 1 or higher) 75% of the time? Either, there aren't many people playing this game shortly after it's release (which might actually be the case considering how bad it is) or matchmaking is just a word 343 uses in an attempt to follow along with "every other" game out there. 2.) Req cards - WTF are these?!? oh these are the cards that are completely random, but we've put in so many of them, the odds you'll get anything good out of them is slim to none, which again doesn't make matchmaking fair when one guy opens his first gold pack to get an awesome attachment to his BR and i'm rank 38 and haven't seen one yet. I could understand req cards if only certain items were obtained through lvls i.e. once you reach rank 10 you unlock the sniper rifle attachment. Instead, 343 again sees this simply as a money making opportunity for people who are desperate and tired of being **** on in matches buy these repeatedly in the hopes of actually getting something useful... oh look another weapon skin.... 3.) no scope - I mean this in two ways, one 343 has lost sight of why halo players enjoy halo, and the second is in regards to maps and game modes. First, I've always been a fan of halo's swat, big team battles, infection, and team snipers.... until this game. Big team battles? you might as well call it "Arena with a warthog and 2 mongooses with guns" even with this "new release" of big team battles it still blows, power weapons rule the day on these small maps with limited mobility and its quite a shame. your "team snipers" might as well be called no scope because thats what happens when you put snipers on swat maps. I thought at least you would put them on larger maps but no, your stupidity knows no bounds" so now it's just quick scope. Thanks but if i wanted quick scoping i would have stayed with Call of Duty. 4.) DLC - 343 has taken another liberty of saying they will be releasing all the DLC for FREE!!! yay!!! that is until you start to think about it. With it's release, halo came with 2 warzone modes and what 5 or 6 arena modes? and the arena modes were all basically the same. Now I'm starting to think, why would anyone pay for that? well that's all in 343's brilliant accountant department who said, "wait, if we only release half the game up front and then release one new "mode" every couple of weeks then people will keep playing and keep spending money!". Think about it, how else is 343 supposed to keep it's customer base around? Release an awesome game like Bungie did or string the few diehards along draining them along the way? I think the answer is pretty clear on that one. I could keep going but rather than create a wall of text that most won't read and because the Moderators will take this down probably almost immediately I only request this 343, give me a refund. Restore my faith that the Halo franchise hasn't gone to **** by simply admitting this was a complete **** up like ODST and give me my money back. Only if you do this will I consider buying the next installment of this game. If not, there are much better ways I can spend my money.
  2. Hi guys, first time posting here, here's my issue: I was just playin my 360s for about two hours (halo 4 of course), after all of the sudden, my console started buzzing really loud and the next thing you know, BAM. My disk broke. Has this happend to one of you as well? ps: I'm getting a refund from microsoft, very nice, except for the fact that I have to pay 15 euros for a refund. kind regards from the Netherlands, Viccepik
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