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Found 13 results

  1. I've excluded a few species that no one will even vote for. Votes are public. See what others people voted for. Please state why you voted in a reply, if you'd like to. HUMANS SUCK.
  2. Presidential Update Greetings, ladies, gentlemen, Azaxx. The time has come to vote for a new president, and as sad as you all are to lose the greatest president that has been in the USF there is hope yet. The hope is in Fishy. What experience does Fishy have you ask? 1. Past USF Congressman 2. Previous Cabinet member 3. USF General 4. Great community member 5. Hosts numerous Playdates Fishy is a loyal supporter of members across the forum including myself, he exhibits this loyalty every day with his constant help and ideas that bring members together. Vote for Fishy to keep the community together with Playdates, Leadership, and Loyalty. This is President Yoshi1176, God bless the USF!
  3. Yoshi for USF President 2015 Mission Statement: Last election was a great time for Maestro and Myself. We feel that we did our job and we exceeded the norms of the presidency and introduced the USF Congress. We pushed the boundaries and went were the six Presidents before us had not thought of going. We broke through the standards set by past presidents and advanced the USF to a place it had never been, and that is exactly what I wish to do again this year, advance the USF into force that will allow members like yourself take stands in decisions that are made because your voices matter. How Can We Make This Happen: In order to make this happen, I will once again need to rely on the backbone of the community, the members. To make this goal a reality we need everyone to buy into the program. Vote Yoshi1176 for President in the polls, and let your opinions be known. Encourage fellow forum goers to vote Yoshi for President if they want their opinions to matter. For change to happen, their needs to be action. You, the members are the catalysts of this dream. It is up to you to make this happen. I am but a mouth for which your voice will be heard. God Bless the Forum. And God Bless the USF! Crew: Chief Propagandist - Vitamin PWN Campaign Manager - Church General - Arachny Lawyer - Maestro Below is a showcase of Propaganda made by my awesome team!
  4. Do you want to vote for someone who thinks they're better than you? or someone who is an addict and commands you to do what he wants? or someone so rich and powerful they can't possibly understand you? if you answered no to these question then Yoshi is the candidate for you! Yoshi is a common forum goer just like you. He understands the problems of the average forumite because he is one, so who better than to represent the people of these fine forums then him? Yoshi is rebooting congress so your voice will be heard! Some of the other candidates may claim your voice will be heard, but they haven't explained how, so either they are hiding something or the haven't planned it out and as we all know failing to plan is planning to fail. So this election do you want someone out of touch with you and is primed to fail? or do you want the the candidate with the plan to succeed? so vote for the common man, the man who will listen to you whether you're green, purple, silver or whatever. Vote for Yoshi!
  5. Halo 2 did NOT have map voting. Don't ruin Halo 2 by putting it in. Don't even put vetoing in. Map vetoing is for Halo 3. LEAVE IT THERE. Map voting is for Halo Reach and Halo 4. LEAVE IT THERE. The reason I am back into Halo after all these years is the chance to play Halo 2 online again. It's the reason I bought my Xbox One. DON'T RUIN IT WITH MAP VOTING 343I. HALO 2 DID NOT HAVE MAP VOTING. I'm a huge BTB player, I have been since Halo 2, and when I play Halo 4, EVERYONE VOTES FOR THE SAME FOUR MAPS ON BIG TEAM SLAYER ALL FRIGGIN DAY. Halo 2 didn't have map voting and we played EVERYTHING.I am terrified that Halo MCC BTB will be Blood Gulch + remakes Big Team Slayer all day 24/7 because of all the noobs that are too scared to play something outside of their comfort zone. They always vote for the same friggin maps all friggin day on Team Slayer only!!!!!! DON'T RUIN HALO 2. KEEP MAP VOTING OUT.
  6. Well. It's that time. I'm just gonna make this short and sweet. No spamming, no telling people who to vote for, and no campaigning in any way by anyone. Including the voters advertising. May the best man, dinosaur...naturally occurring disaster...(?) win! Edit: Note: Voting ends Sunday at 7 PM CST.
  7. My fellow forumians. Friends, family, Jedi, mudkips, dragons, breads, dogs, the uncooked moa, rockets of all colors, and of course Skummgummigube, the time of elections has come again. This is a wonderful time, a time full of betrayals, blackmailings, shootings, subliminal messages, lies, and under handed methods of becoming the next president of the forum. If I've yet to receive your vote, please allow me the chance to convince you that I am the President you're looking for with the reasons listed below: I'm a Jedi. Honestly, does anyone remember the last time we had a Jedi for president? Jedi are used to handling things like mouthy politicians. We are the peace keepers, and peace will be maintained in the forum for the entirety of my term. I'm a zebra. There has never in the history of our great Forum been a zebra to receive the title "President of the Forum." Hopefully this election we can change that, together. I'm not a Pirate. Cling! Clang! Whewsh!- That, my friend, is the sound of pirates fighting. A sound that you'll be hearing throughout the next 4 months if you choose to elect a Pirate into the office of President. Pirates. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not the ruler of Hyrule. Hyrule, the land of legends. The realm where a great hero resides. Someone who fights so very hard to defends the ones he loves. He does everything in his power to protect the people of Hyrule and save the princess. So how does the princess repay him for his actions? She doesn't. DDDDDDD: Rather she names his entire franchise after herself and doesn't even reveal her heroes name. I will not add anymore to this, I'll let you ponder in your thoughts when it comes to the ruler of Hyrule. Hyrulians. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Pokemon. I think we can all remember what the last term has been like with a Pokemon president. *cough*the mudkip*cough* Pokemon. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Skylander. Skylanders are fierce creatures that inhabit Skyland. They're most famed member, Spyro, is a purple, fire-breathing dragon. This mess the forum dictator has created will take a someone a bit more experienced to clean up. Skylanders. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a vitamin. Vitamins may keep you healthy, but are they good for you? Well according to our trusted scientist here at 343i.org, Dr. B.S. Bularky, every time you swallow one of those dreadful capsules it attaches on to the walls of your stomach. It can't be dissolved by the gastric juices. Rather it stays on the walls if the stomach and builds up making you look fatter after every dose. Eventually, you die. Vitamins. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not Silent. I won't be silent when the forum requires direction, but on the contrary I will do my absolute best to lead the forum through the voice of the members. Silence. It. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Yoshi. Yoshi has carried Mario many places, helped him solve many puzzles, and mad some pretty stellar jumps, but you know what? Every time Yoshi has ever been hit by a fireball, chased by a Chomper, Targeted by a Bill, or touched by a goomba, he's fled. He's left the battle, leaving the plumber in the red hat all alone, without a weapon. Yoshi. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. http://youtu.be/Lzh0KbZCGDs Vote BeckoningZebra1. -A President, you can trust. Please note that this is for fun and does not in any way, shape, or form, represent my actual views of these members. I like to consider each of these members my friend. I have deep respect for them and wish them nothing but the best of luck this upcoming election.
  8. I know this isn't gaming related, but i need you guys to help a fellow gamer out. It will only take a few clicks. I love to game, and just as much as I love gaming, I love ultimate frisbee. My club team that I play on has been entered into a competition for new jerseys. We are a young team with little funds. Please just click on the link and vote for the team with the green shirts and the caption, "A perfect mix of zen, excitement, and half asleep." It would be most appreciated. Thanks. =^]
  9. Welcome all to the 11th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week I asked you who your favorite member of Noble Team was. Well, you all voted and we have our winner! Ahem. Drum roll please! This week's question is in honor of this week's being the one year anniversary of Halo 4! So I'd really like everyone to reply to with a very thorough and well-thought out explanation. Here it is: "Was Halo 4 a success?" Please vote before 11-11-13 @ 10:00AM EST, if you want your vote to be counted. Thank you all for participating and see ya next week! Have a question, idea, or complaint pertaining to the poll? Then Message me
  10. Hosting events every weekend has its ups and its downs. You guys should already be feeling it by now that playing the same games and gametypes every weekend of every month is boring and that's why we've been doing Halo Wars a lot more recently and stuff. So I wanna give you guys a chance to vote for our Special Event for the first weekend of August. So please, cast your vote and whatever wins... Wins! Voting will close when the voting closes. And then it might reopen again who knows! So get to voting! This message brought to you by your Forum President.
  11. hey guys please help me out.... i am in the running for a screenshot contest on halo4nation.com please it takes a second of ur time. my GT is "King goldeneye" please please please vote for me!!!! no i dont think u really win anything but.... it just would be nice!!!!
  12. Halo 4 Multiplayer, or 'War Games', will be ruined without the addition of a gametype that plays like the CLASSIC HALO gameplay where everyone actually uses the map to get guns and have a 'Man-to-Man' battle without the unnecessary interruption of Customizable Classes, Armor Abilities, 'Perks', and 'Killstreaks.' As the famous Bungie lead artist Luke Smith states about the beloved 'simpleness' of Halo gameplay: "Two men enter. The better man leaves. The lesser man is respawning. And that's Halo" -Luke Smith *Please vote and/or post your opinion
  13. I am wondering if anyone knows how to get "Don't Touch That" or "You Blew it Up!" ? My problem is that, after hours and hours (and weeks of trying) I have yet to find a single DLC map come up in matchmaking where I can get these. The others are hard but not impossible given that there is a DLC Slayer playlist (and the Infection gametypes take into account DLC). Still, I am really bothered that I paid for the DLC and can't play the maps. The only reason I paid money for the DLC was to get the full achivements like I did for Halo 3 (which was really difficult!). Now I have 77 of 79 achievements in Reach but I do not even have the opportunity to try for the achievements...
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