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  1. I know this isn't gaming related, but i need you guys to help a fellow gamer out. It will only take a few clicks. I love to game, and just as much as I love gaming, I love ultimate frisbee. My club team that I play on has been entered into a competition for new jerseys. We are a young team with little funds. Please just click on the link and vote for the team with the green shirts and the caption, "A perfect mix of zen, excitement, and half asleep." It would be most appreciated. Thanks. =^]
  2. I totally agree. I'm gonna wait at least a few months after the release to buy either of them. It's to early to start completely bashing either console. Just give it some time first.
  3. I remember my cousin and I had to ti the toothpaste trick on his Halo 2 a few times. It's an age old method but nice if you don't have to money or don't feel like going to get your disc buffed.
  4. The used game policy is horrible. You won't be able to lend games more than once (My entire circle of friends lend games). The fact that you have to connect to Live once every 24 hours is a terrible idea. My friends and I love to have huge system link parties, which now won't work. Plus if you travel some where with no internet connection, you are screwed. The kinect thing doesn't bother me too much, but it defiantly gets other people. Basically, it's a good console with fatal flaws.
  5. Aww it was just starting to get really juicy too.
  6. I'm not sure what I liked more; that theory or your signature quoting Johnson...
  7. I would just like to see them rotated more in the other playlists, I don't want to have to just go to the majestic playlist to play them.
  8. As some of you know the latest map pack included some small/medium maps. But its seems unless you are in the majestic playlist, they never show up in the normal rotation of maps, regardless of what playlist I'm in.
  9. I feel that I am one of the few people that tries to strike conversation in matchmaking anymore. I have met some really good friends playing matchmaking. Isn't this supposed to be a social experience?
  10. I think what should be done with community forge maps in Halo 4 should be the same that that 343 did with Halo Reach. There should be a community forge test playlist, and the maps that are most voted for should be put into rotation of the regular maps. personally I enjoyed both the forge and geometric remakes of the maps in Halo Reach. I think that is something that should continue on.
  11. I really do miss the first person perspective in the side seat. I really did add that sense of realism to the passenger seat. But I do have to say it is eaiser to fire the rocket launcher from third person so I guess a toggle wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm interested to see what 343i will do with that concept.
  12. So who is excited about RTX 2013?
  13. This would be great if 343i did something similar to this.
  14. There is a really good chance I will because Halo 5 is coming out with it. Plus you can be d*** sure I'm gonna keep my 360.
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