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Found 28 results

  1. GhostStalkerG11 8v8 Map gametype: "Space Battle" An amazing big map, space battle map with scorpions, turrets, 3 different wasp, banshees and more, enjoy the massive battle with a 8v8 game space combat. Download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=GhostStalkerG11#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_GhostStalkerG11_778a66a5-ac56-40f8-9d0f-854e28874dc1
  2. So you may or may not be aware, but Wednesday, the human race had a bit of space history. We have placed a probe on a comet for the first time! As you know comets aren't just a planet that orbits around the sun, it's a moving object through space. It just make me think of what the future will be like one day in space, do you think it'll look similar to Halo space? Star trek space? What do you think?
  3. Hello everybody, before I continue I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! On the the business, I have this project in mind, a fictional space magazine! The name is Pixelated Space, it is a space magazine which has news based off of games which take place in space or are space related (like Halo... duh...). The plan is to have 5 sections, each section for a specific game, that section includes from commercials (Obviously fan made, no actual commercials) to fictional stories based off of an event that happened in the game or a character from a game to reviews. Most of the magazine will be fictional and written by the community, but there will be possibly one section dedicated to actual cool space news! So it will not be entirely fictional. I'm looking for digital artists possibly a few sketch artists and writers or really anyone who wants to make some sort of written contribution. The 3 games that are set in stone at least for the first issue are HALO, STARBOUND and STAR CITIZEN! Here is a picture of the front cover for the first issue, the topics are not set in stone! http://imgur.com/gallery/H7CmG/new Leave some feedback or directly contact me through here or through email [email protected] THANK YOU!
  4. What WAS Gonna be a "reinvention" of 'Epitaph' (Halo3), turned into my own thing. Although this wasnt intended, the outter part can be used as a race track (WiP). The map reminds me of a reconfigured 'Rat Race' (Halo3), cuz of the track. Supports Slayer, King of the Hill, & Oddball. (KotH & O'Ball not FULLY tested, but works). Made for Big Team, 10-16 players. Please comment with feedback, thanks.
  5. This would be a lon awaited, dropship, origanally spotted on a clan in roblox.com. This vehicle has 4 Drop Pods, and A small armory. Though it is a spacecraft, it is suspectable to atmospheric breach, with no damage. This would be perfect for those machinima makers. For a "dumb" version of the craft, check this: http://www.roblox.com/UNSC-Herse-item?id=113467105
  6. I already submitted this map before but it wasnt on my file share but now it is. The map is called isolation and the gametype is called isolation flood. My gt is WoodChuck5562. Since I don't I have pictures I wrote a description. Hope you like it and check it out. Descripton: Its a dynamic map and there are three parts to it. The map was built on Impact. There is also a game mode that goes with it. I recommend playing with at least 5 players, but it works best with 8-12 players. With more than 12 people the survivors have a tough time staying alive. Here is information about each piece of the map: 1st- The survivors start in a circular room with flood spawning in an elevator shaft on the side of the room. There are warthogs and mongooses in this room but they will be useless until later. A small hallway leads off from the room and there is a "launcher" at the end of the hallway. When the portal opens after 2 minutes you will be able to launch yourself to the next section of the map. 2nd- There is a small outpost on a large meteor which you are able to move around with low gravity. Once inside the outpost you will be able to grab some shotgun ammo and have the option to take a teleporter to the next section (you will be able to teleport back to this part of the map). The teleporter opens up after 1 minute (3 if you count the 2 from before). 3rd- You will be teleported to a small room in a medium sized satellite. There are two hallways which lead off in different directions. One is a long hallway and the other takes you to the 3rd story (you start on the 2nd) which has a few rooms. Once on the 3rd story you can get onto the outside of the satellite then get back in the way you came or get in through a window on the 2nd story. The window will drop you off at the end of the hallway which is the other path you could have taken. Then there is a staircase that takes you to the bottom/1st floor. There is another long hallway then a small room at the end which has a random weapon in it. Ive tested this map several times and if you have the right amount of people it can be fun. The survivors need to work together to survive the first 2 minutes before being launched to the next section. It takes a couple of tries before they figure out what to do if they haven't played on the map before then once they figure out how to survive together they should be able to make it to the next section most of the time. Usually about 5 survivors make it to the outpost on the asteroid then only 2 or 3 survive the journey to the satellite. How well they hold out on the satellite varies each game. It is the easiest spot to survive but only a few people make there so there are lots of flood by that time. Hope you like the map. Please check it out on my fileshare, my gt is WoodChuck5562.
  7. Been working on this for a while, figured I'd see what the community thought about it. Essential Information: 1. Gamertag: Dienekes2294 2. Map Title: Siege in Space (in fileshare) 3. Game Type: Siege KOH (in fileshare) 4. Blue and Red team battle to dominate the gatehouse of Red's castle in space. Blue must traverse the walkway and break down the gate while Red seeks to hold it for as long as possible. Since the Hill resides permanently inside the castle, there are two rounds. Whoever holds the castle longer as Red team is the winner. Blue team's job is to contest the Gatehouse as long as possible when on the attack. 1 Class: Assault - Energy Sword and Hardlight Shield, no grenades. Rail Guns are scattered throughout both the Castle and the Siege Camp (Sniper Rifles were too OP and ruined everything). Recommended player count: 16 The Castle from the Blue team's perspective. The Siege Camp from Red team's perspective.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFAFZ4lMDAM Gamer Tag: LeadingChimera3 Liquid Space is a symmetrical team objective map. It also plays very well as an infinity slayer map, or as a flood map. The element that I spent the most time on and eventually built the rest of the map around is the "Liquid Space" gravity pool. It is comprised of 12 10x10 gravity volumes and a couple overlapping trait zones. The end result is a 20x10 free standing gravity pool that you cannot fall out of. The pool area is a great fun for lots of mini games and such, but I also wanted to build a full team objective map around it. Even though the map has a very unusual central element, it is surprisingly straightforward and simple to understand. (The video clips are all from one game with many first time players. As you can see they intuitively pick up on what to do quite quickly.) I worked very hard on making every room in each base as dynamic as possible. The 2 floor central control rooms have created some really awesome conflicts during my time testing out the map.
  9. **DISCLAIMER** This article contains SPOILERS of the Halo: Reach campaign. If you have not finished the Reach campaign, I suggest leaving now, unless you don't care. Thanks. Imagine if in Halo: 4 there could be space battles. Yeah, like in the Halo: Reach mission "Long Night of Solace" where you drive the Sabre space ships. Think of it, like that, but in multiplayer. Okay now, don't say that wouldn't be cool. It may not be as cool as being on the ground in action. But!.. It would add to the crazy-cool variety of Halo, and the outer-Earth expression. Am I right? List of Some of Things That Space Battles Would Be Cool/Useful For: Machinima's People who like space battles Actual further use of the Sabre ships Gametype/map creativity Funner battles Role players, maybe There are a lot more, that was just a list of "some" of the things it would be cool/useful for. If you have any ideas of why it would be cool, post it in the comment section. Also, if you have any reasons why it would be bad, I'm accepting those too. Thanks. -Pwnage
  10. BLOCKADE Description: Designed with Domination gametype in mind but could be adapted. Both teams start on opposite asteroids in between which there is a massive spaceship. The aim is to fight over the spaceship which has the capture point in the front of the ship. Whoever holds the ship will have a massive advantage as once it is fortified the auto turrets inside and outside of the ship will become active. Teams can spawn from their asteroid bases into boarding craft at the rear of the ship or fly and land using the banshee vehicle pods which become active once the bases are secured. Player Count: 16 players Current Gametypes: Domination The Bridge & Hanger Bay (Exterior) Boarding Craft Exterior / Interior Main Corrior / Spaceship Cockpit Map Room / Hanger (Interior) Asteroid Outpost / Spaceship Rear shot Hope you like, higher quality images can be seen on the following link: Blockade - File Share - 343Industries Community Forum This map is available on my fileshare along with my previous map Aliens Dropship below Regards BoA
  11. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  12. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  13. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  14. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  15. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  16. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  17. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  18. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  19. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  20. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  21. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  22. From the album: Blockade

    © BoA Wrath

  23. Infinity Atmosphere is a Small Map that has 2 sides/center to Rome around in, other 2 are for spawning. Not so big but fun to have at least 8 players but extremely fun with 16. Game Type: Flood (Customize Your Own). It is also for Capture the Flag, Oddball, Slayer. Download Link: (E K O D R I V E's Fileshare) Map Variant: Infinity Atmosphere Gametype: Infinity Flood ( Customize your style) and All Other Game Types. Thank You! My First Map, might not be so much fun, but it's a start Rock out!
  24. Space Base Gamertag: Jaggertp Map: Space Base Game Type: SB Flood Left to die on an abandoned space station it's up to you and your friends to get to the supply pad for evac. Map has multiple tiers so you must holdout in each tier for a certain amount of time and then proceed to move on. Sentry's and stationary vehicles on map as well. BONUS THFE Easter Egg at the end 12-16 people recommended Video coming soon
  25. Gamertag: john xSNIPERx Map name: Breaking Point (can be found in my file share) Gametype name: Infection (also found in my file share) You and your team investigate a resent distress beacon located at Research Base Zulu, only to discover that the asteroid the facility is situated on has split. Most of the base is on the very unstable side of the asteroid so make your way across the debris field to find out why this phenomenon has occurred. Maybe something was lurking within this destruction. You will need every hand and gun you can afford. (Recommended 16 Players) Sorry for the transmission quality, someone or something was Tampering with the security cameras:
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