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Found 2 results

  1. After such a long time of not being on the site (but dropping in to the shoutbox with little response xD), I’d like to introduce my latest work in forge: Siege. Siege is a new infection map set in a forest at an abandoned research site once known as the “Siege Research Center”. After a terrible accident nothing but dead bodies remain. It features what I believe to be a unique integration of verticality by having little wooden towers connected by bridges, allowing for many great opportunities to implement the use of Halo 5’s mechanics such as ground pounding or thrusting from one bridge to another as a shortcut. As far as gameplay is concerned, the infected players’ spawn room is a little lab (once part of this research center) at the end of the map, featuring a pipe that launches players into the jungle. The jungle is the survivors’ playground. Also, I highly recommend that survivors take advantage of the towers and bridges, rather than linger in the confusing forest on the bottom. Of course, certain weapons might be worth swooping down and taking a risk for every now and then. Speaking of which, weapon placement is not yet finalized on this map. I intend to change them up based on feedback, including which weapons and where they should go. The aesthetics had a lot of thought put into them. I decided to use the perfect combination of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors with the right level of metallic finish, all working in unison with the new textures feature to create what I believe to be very beautiful and artistic aesthetics that I don’t think are too common on forge maps at this point. You’ll also find that I decided to make the lab very sleek looking as compared to the slightly aged look of everything else to create some contrast, which is essential to any work of art. Of course, this isn’t intended to primarily function as an aesthetic map, but being a huge design geek I had to try my best. Now I know this map isn’t perfect, and I’m very willing to take feedback. I would love to get this featured, because I really want to get out there. My dream is to get this into matchmaking, and I will work as hard as it takes as ridiculous of a goal as that may sound. Here are some more pictures which might show you a little of what I talked about. The map is called “Siege” and is under my files, gamertag being “Dezert Fuze”. Please do not hesitate to give me feedback. CLICK HERE FOR HALO WAYPOINT PAGE
  2. Been working on this for a while, figured I'd see what the community thought about it. Essential Information: 1. Gamertag: Dienekes2294 2. Map Title: Siege in Space (in fileshare) 3. Game Type: Siege KOH (in fileshare) 4. Blue and Red team battle to dominate the gatehouse of Red's castle in space. Blue must traverse the walkway and break down the gate while Red seeks to hold it for as long as possible. Since the Hill resides permanently inside the castle, there are two rounds. Whoever holds the castle longer as Red team is the winner. Blue team's job is to contest the Gatehouse as long as possible when on the attack. 1 Class: Assault - Energy Sword and Hardlight Shield, no grenades. Rail Guns are scattered throughout both the Castle and the Siege Camp (Sniper Rifles were too OP and ruined everything). Recommended player count: 16 The Castle from the Blue team's perspective. The Siege Camp from Red team's perspective.
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