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  1. Looks nice matey I can see you put some hours in on this one .
  2. BLOCKADE Description: Designed with Domination gametype in mind but could be adapted. Both teams start on opposite asteroids in between which there is a massive spaceship. The aim is to fight over the spaceship which has the capture point in the front of the ship. Whoever holds the ship will have a massive advantage as once it is fortified the auto turrets inside and outside of the ship will become active. Teams can spawn from their asteroid bases into boarding craft at the rear of the ship or fly and land using the banshee vehicle pods which become active once the bases are secured. Player Count: 16 players Current Gametypes: Domination The Bridge & Hanger Bay (Exterior) Boarding Craft Exterior / Interior Main Corrior / Spaceship Cockpit Map Room / Hanger (Interior) Asteroid Outpost / Spaceship Rear shot Hope you like, higher quality images can be seen on the following link: Blockade - File Share - 343Industries Community Forum This map is available on my fileshare along with my previous map Aliens Dropship below Regards BoA
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    Blockade - By BoA Wrath
  5. Looking forward to getting this feature online so I can do some YouTube videos showcasing my maps. **UPDATE** 20th Feb still no sign of this feature. Any updates from 343I on this?
  6. Thanks fella. My Aliens Dropship map is complete. Just waiting for the file share to be added to the waypoint website.
  7. Hi All, Am looking for help later tonight after 10:30pm GMT time to playtest my new map Aliens Dropship a early picture of the map can be seen here: http://www.343indust...liens-dropship/ I've spent about 20 hours on this map so far last week and this week and have it setup to work on slayer, flood, Dominion and CTF map types. But before I finalise a version of the map and upload to my fileshare I need some help to play test the map. Hopefully this will provide me with information on what works and what doesn't work on the map so I can address these before the final release. Ingame footage of the playtest will be used in a youtube video for the map which I'll work on over the weekend. The map is based on Erosion mainly in the Grffball court which doubles as a nice hanger backdrop for the dropship from the film aliens which had been built entirely in forge. There is a section of the map outside of the griffball court which doubles as the bridge of the Sulaco and also is where one of the bases is for CTF and Dominion. Anyone interested in helping out then just send me a friend request. Regards BoA Wrath
  8. Is there a specific forum to promote forge made maps? I should be ready by the weekend to upload my Aliens Dropship map for Halo 4. I've added a link in my sig to my Halo Reach fileshare which shows screenshots of my Halo Reach made maps.
  9. I'm in the process of making a Dropship from the Aliens film. Its created in the map erosion in the griffball court which doubles well as a hanger bay. I've then closed off access to the outside so it feels like you are on board the USS Sulaco from the film aliens. Currently I'm planning for it to support slayer, team slayer and flood modes. http://www.343industries.org/forum/fileshare/gallery/album_262/gallery_40564_262_426439.jpg If anyone is interested in helping me play test the map next weekend then send me a friend invite. Regards BoA
  10. I've noticed this too, the best you can do is to turn off magnets and nudge objects with the analogue stick or edit co-ordinates then de-select the objects and turn magnets back on to attach other objects at those co-ordinates. But I have to say I do miss the zoom and fine controls in reach. Building things in close quarters can be difficult because the camera get affected by the objects.
  11. Thanks, may need some volunteers to help play test this alien drop ship map by the end of the week
  12. Morning all, Just thought I would drop a note to introduce myself. My real name is Rob but have gone under the handle BoA Wrath since my quake days in 1997. I have made multiple maps for games over the years which you can find on YouTube. I won a map making contest in the states for maps i created for farcry instincts, but was relegated to an honorary 3rd when they foundout i was based is the UK and not the US. Later i created Rig360 II on farcry2 which was a ubisoft recommended map On Halo Reach created Fort BoA which can be seen on YouTube here I also made Dos4all which is downloadable for halo reach. I'm currently working on a halo 4 map call Alien Drop ship which contains the drop ship from aliens on the erosion map. I've built in inside the grifball court which doubles nicely as a hanger of the sulaco from the aliens film. Screenshots and a video are available on my in game file share just send me a friend invite to BoA Wrath Look forward to making maps for Halo 4 for all to enjoy.
  13. Am in the process of making the drop ship from aliens on the erosion map with the griffball court making a convincing hanger of the sulaco. Vid and screenshots are on my file share already. Previous maps of mine from halo reach are on mg YouTube channel just search for Fort BoA
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