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  1. Welcome, ArbiterMLG/Brandon/Venial! =) I hope you enjoy your stay in this great community, and that I get to play you, sometime! Also, would you be interested in joining the 1-week training event that I am hosting, on Reach? The goal is essentially to be better coming out, than you were (or ever were) coming in. Let me know by messaging me on Xbox, if you are interested. =) Gamertag: Zicorth.
  2. THE GOAL OF THIS EVENT IS FOR EVERYONE TO GET BETTER, (EVEN IF ONLY BY A LITTLE) HAVE A LITTLE FRIENDLY COMPETITION, AND REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN! =D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! =) It has been a while since I posted. After coming back to playing Halo: Reach after a 1-year video game absence, I was doing some thinking, and decided that I want to get better than I was, and take my game to another level (or just get better). I will be hosting a 1-week training program, all week, consisting of Slayer, matchmaking, and some custom games, as well as more serious game-types like Octagon, Team Snipers, etc. Basically anything and everything to get better. I already have 3-5 people who are interested, thus far. **Mics are recommended, but definitely not required. =) Also, I may do another training week, with a greater focus on custom-maps, (or I might straight-up host Reach Customs: we'll see) provided the 1st one is successful. Anyways, if you are interested, let me know in a reply below, or message me on Xbox. =) My gamertag is: "Zicorth". All the best, ~Zicorth
  3. SSBM is more of a "party" game, unless of course you remove items. Then it turns into a combo-fest, especially if you get them against a wall. xD I loved doing that... That is one thing that brawl lacked, I think: combos.
  4. Martin O'Donnel may be considered overrated by some, (not for me) however no one can argue their choice after hearing the above score, which by the way was freaking awesome (already heard it, though). I will definitely be getting the Destiny soundtrack, one way or another. Oh, by bad: while the above score is good, I was referring to the orchestral piece he did for Destiny that was played at a certain Video Game Concert. Now THAT, was well done. I will try to find the Youtube link, if I can. *Edit: I found it! You MUST listen to this piece of Destiny music:
  5. That is annoying, losing your records for completing the whole Campaign. =/ I have had it happen to me on other games, before. Not fun. Hopefully 343 fixes this, as well as the massive lag that plagues the Halo 4 "Big Team Battle" playlist, much of the time.
  6. Although I personally think you have quite a few good ideas, in the end it will be up to the Devs to make the final decision. If 343 has learned anything, however, it will be to listen to the community EARLY on, not 8-9 months after release. With Halo 4, they made the game perhaps a little too newbie-friendly. As you said, snipers should be hard to use. I think they should bring back a number of Halo 3 features, such as making the Sniper and BR (or other precision weapons) very hard to master, as well as most of the headshot weapons. They can, however, to counterbalance that, add more vehicles/vehicular combat mechanics, (especially more than just 1 airvehicle; perhaps a Trinity of Air-vehicles?) and add some new vehicles. Perhaps they could even bring back some of the interactivity of Halo 3 maps, and make some vehicles able to "lay seige" to bases on the map. Just a thought. Anyways, essentially, they should make the sniper + other headshot weapons at least as difficult to use as Halo 3, yet add more vehicles and powerweapons, which newbies could gravitate towards. All in all, a very interesting post, one which many would agree with. Do you still play Halo 3, by the way?
  7. Hello everyone, As I am still fairly new to Halo 3, (and I just joined this seemingly-awesome community!) I am still inexperienced with callouts, and some of the map spawns. Members should be able to be online most days of the weeks, (3-4 days at least) and commit to becoming better players, and working together as a team. Anyways, if you are interested, let me know. Having Halo 3: ODST with all of the Halo 3 map packs is preferred, though not required (though it is needed for team Doubles, Big Team, etc). My gamertag is: "Zicorth". I live in Canada, with my timezone being EST, which is 3:54PM, at the moment of this post. I will be online for most of this week. See you in the field, Spartans! =)
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