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Found 7 results

  1. What is your favorite weapon against the Flood, the best way too destroy those nasty critters? Mine would have to be dual-wielding SMGs because it's quick to kill the combat forms and the infection forms when they come crawling at you. What would you choose? Better hurry, they're coming quick....
  2. Hello everybody, today, I am bringing you guys a Covenant gun show. It only features Tyrants (Because I love Tyrants) that range in cost from 800-1250 in forge cash. There are 4 Tyrants that are similar in design and either have sniper towers or no sniper towers. One of the turrets is set up to be a dominion base just to show that they can function as a B base in dominion gametypes. Gamertag:MattyFatty51 Map:Covenant Tyrant AA GunShow (fileshare) Description:A Gun Show map that features different types of tyrants and how they can be used in different maps. Pictures: First Tyrant (1450$) Second Tyrant(1060$) Third Tyrant(1425$) Fourth Tyrant(2165$) Hope you all enjoy this!
  3. Hey I was just wondering what everyone's favorite weapon was. I personally love the new forerunner weapons. All in all my favorite weapons are probably the boltshot, energy sword, needler, assault rifle,
  4. The DMR is the only balanced gun in the game in terms of an "Assault Rifle" category'd gun. The Light Rifle, DMR, and Battle Rifle are your 3 weapons of choice that should every be considered. The Light Rifle takes more shots when not scoped in, less when scoped in; get rid of it. The Battle Rifle is more overpowered than the DMR, and here is why: Although they take the same amount of shots, with and without scope, they are not the same. (I realize that the BR is supposed to be better at a short range, and the DMR is supposed to be better at a long range -- which weapon you use for THIS reason should vary on the map, the gametype, and your playstyle I suppose...) But...Here's why... Let's say there are 2 players going into a 1v1 BR/DMR fight. Player 1 is your average Halo player n00b, where as Player 2 is a professional Halo player that is not such a rookie. Both players are using the DMR with standard settings, everything is normal. Player 1 and Player 2 both hit eachother 4 times apiece. Each player is now 1 shot away (in the head) from dying. Player 2, being more skilled, hits the 5th shot in the head, whereas Player 1 hit Player 2 in the shoulder. ^^^In this situation, Player 2 is awarded the kill, as he should be, for having more "skill", and walks away a "weakened-1shot". In the other way around, Player 1 and Player 2 are both using a Battle Rifle. Both players have again hit eachother in the body 4 times, remaining a headshot away from being awarded a kill. On the 5th shot, Player 2 again hits Player 1 in the head; however, this time, Player 1 has (with his 3 bullets, since battle rifle's shoot 3 bullets in comparison to the DMR's 1) has hit Player 2 in the shoulder, the neck, and the shoulder. In this situation, both players are awarded a kill, and a trade occurs. ^^^In this situation, Player 2 and Player 1 are both awarded a kill, but it is not based off of "skill". I know there is not near as much "spray, spread, swiping", whatever you would like to call it, as there was in Halo 3, but nonetheless, there is still a "spread". I realize that none of these guns will be changed in anyway, and I realize also that it's all there for fun and will remain constant, so people's discussions and complaints are irrelevant, but I figured I would throw these facts out there for those who seem to be upset about these DMR/BR/LR discussions. All in all, don't use the Light Rifle, if you're playing a close range map with lots of hallways, use the BR, otherwise use the DMR. Over all, if you can scope in 24/7 [which you shouldn't be able to], use the LR; but the BR is still the best "Assault Rifle" type gun in the game, for the reasons stated above; unfortunately. <3 p.s. ...the Carbine doesn't count in this discussion. see other posts for details.
  5. Dear, 343 Industries, The weapons in multiplayer / matchmaking are completely unbalanced. Every weapon in Halo 4 should be even in damage so that it takes skill to kill another player, not because he/she has a better gun. Some of the weapons are so unbalanced and under powered that you can't even kill anyone with them. I've shot players four times point blank with the scatter gun as well as the shotgun and they would still have their shield up would then turn around and killed me with a DMR. So, 343 Industries, what I am asking of you is will you please review the weapons damage and make them EVEN? Some of the weapons are very weak and under powered. Thank you so much for your time. <3
  6. My personal favorite is the Sniper, its easy kills
  7. what do you want as a new weapon in halo 4. im hoping for a LMG. what do you want? the br or the dmr or both?
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