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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings Halo Players! I am XGC Sweetsir, General of XGC Bad Company! For those who dont know what XGC is, its a division of Xiled Gaming, a large online Gaming community made up of over 100k Registered members, all in many many different clans split out over 3 divisions, KoG, SYN, and XGC. XGC is strictly 18+ this is to create a mature yet fun gaming experience for its members! I joined XGC almost 2 years ago in a clan called XGC New Bloodz, the last Halo MCC clan XGC has had. I hope to change that! I am looking for anyone who is interested in a fun clan experience on Halo MCC! We have a weekly clan meeting Sunday Nights, it lasts about 10 minutes, the community has alot of game nights during each month where you can meet other Clans members, and each clan has their own Game Nights! My goal is to recruit a good player base that we can use to then have some fun winning some Halo games! If this sounds like something you are interested in, please dont hesitate to reply here, or message me on xbox live! I will gladly answer any questions!
  2. whats up? Im looking for players(18 and up) who are interested in joining a massive, mature, friendly gaming community/clan. I am in a clan called XGC New Blood, a part of xiled gaming. if you are looking to game, have fun/no nonsense or climb up and run your own clan with like-minded, cool people to came with, this is the place for you. message me on the box if you're interest and want to know more. my Gamer tag is - XGC DEFIANCE Hope to hear from you! www.xiledgaming.com
  3. What's up? I'm looking for players that are 18 and older that would like to join a great gaming community called Xiled Gaming. We have MANY clans within the community, my clans name is XGC New Blood, I am general of this clan, currently building up looking for members There are always members online to game with. My gamer tag is XGC DEFIANCE.. please message me on the Xbox if you are interested and want to know more
  4. Whats up? I'm currently recruiting for XGC(Xiled Gaming Clan).. If you're looking to get into a fun, no bs clan with a great rank structure, send me a message.. add me on xbox one, my gamer tag is XGC Defiance. I am a general of a fairly new clan within xiled gaming of many clans. you can visit the clans website at www.xiledgaming.com. as always, keep it clean, and fun. happy gaming.
  5. Hello again, Yes its me XGC Ghost Wolf and I am recruiting for XGC Titans Atlas Squad. I am a Lieutenant in the squad. We are an 18+ clan with the Xiled Gaming Community. We are a laid back easy going bunch that are not into competitive gaming. We like to get together to play and have fun. We mostly play Halo 4 but we also play other first person shooters. We do have gaming nights for various games that support multi player or custom games. So if you are tired of finding other people to play Games with then add me on XBL (GT is XGC Ghost Wolf) and then we can see if you like the group. I hope to see you then.
  6. SYN Empire, a clan within The Syndicate (The Underground Gamer division of Xiled Gaming) is currently recruiting active players (ages 16+, most are 18+) for Halo and COD, although we welcome people playing any game. We are a well organized community, with an established, proven, honor code and rank structure, which has both helped our community thrive, and set the standard for many of the clans on the scene today. We have both competitive and non-competitive teams. Its all about having a good time...and kicking ***. If keeping in touch with clear communication through game nights, community events and a forum sound like something you want in your clan experience, feel free to send me a message on XBL. We'd love to help you check things out SYN Empire is only a small portion of what our community has to offer, with options such as the Xiled Design Team (a group tasked with providing the 50,000+ member mob with signatures, avatars/banners & other images), Xiled News Team (keeping the community well informed of Live-wide events, as well as our own long list of member/leadership created events, open to all),structured clan vs. clan system, and our Forums. It's also just one of 20 clans within the SYNdicate division, and our division is only 1 of 4 which comprise our community. It acts as a giant gaming rolodex, giving you and your friends the opportunity to network with other like-minded gamers, and (speaking from experience) form lasting bonds with people you'll game with for yeeeears. The beauty of our system is, it works, and we'd like to include everyone we can on the fun! If it sounds like something that would interest you, or your friends, feel free to msg me on Live, or shoot me a friends request. You can also check us out through our website(s). SYNLIVE.com and XiledGaming.com Thank you, SYN BLACK XS
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