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  1. Hello, I am a recruiter for the multi-platform gaming organization known as Xiled Gaming Network or (XGN). Our community has been gaming together for over 4 years now and are currently accepting new members. Now let me start off by saying this, XGN is not for everyone, Yes you heard me right. Our play-style is not for all players. We are a community built around family. Although we do have several professional teams that attend events worldwide our primary goal has been and will continue to be bring gamers together, create friendships and enjoy the game as a group. We currently have 11,000+ members apart of our organization which we separate into divisions and then into squads of 100. This introduces the member to 100 fellow gamers that may share the same interest and beliefs. Creating friendship and unity. XGN strives to help our members in every way. Building teams and assisting players to learn team work, problem solving and strategies in game and out. Thus in turn enhancing the members online gaming experience. We also encourage members of our community to gather with fellow members and compete in our frequent in-clan tournaments where players can win prizes and bragging rights. XGN is made up of skilled and casual players on over 10 different games and 3 different consoles. There is no skill requirement to take part in the fun. Although we are criticized for this we believe XGN helps the gamer become a better player by teaching them our key techniques listed above. This is a family, a group that builds off of unity. Members of Xiled Gaming Network can expect to be treated with respect and welcomed to a new environment of gaming. Our members can also take advantage of our discounts from our many sponsors such as Scuf Gaming, Gfuel, Kontrol Freek and more! To sum things up, If you think XGN offers what you need in a gaming community then apply at XGNClan.com/Join and someone will recruit you asap, Or you can message me on Xbox Live Gamertag: Ish XGN. If you don't think we're the right group for you I appreciate you reading this and I hope the best for your gaming endeavors!
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