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Found 6 results

  1. Bi-weekly reviews with Fishy: Volume 1 - Titanfall 2 (Campaign Only) Starting something new for myself, game reviews. Tried it before, but now I'm actually going to go into it. Most of these will feature new games, or Classics. Some of them you know, some of them you don't. But that's the point right? See a peak of interest of something, and it just might make you consider. Anyways, I am grading this game on a few things. The best score is 10/10 on a subject, and a final score of will be given at the very end. Titanfall 2 Released on October 28th, 2016. Produced by Respawn Entertainment, published by Electronic Arts. Titanfall 2 is a futuristic, Sci-Fi, First-Person shooter. Story: 9/10 The story starts out as you (Jack Cooper) deployed on the field with your boss, shortly after deployment your team is slaughtered and you're wounded. Your boss' helps you out, and shortly after the drugs kick in, he meets his fate and the main antagonists appear. Soon after, you become a Pilot-in-training and are forced to take on the world by yourself with assistance of BT-7274, whom is now the Titan under your control and still adapting to human attributes. Throughout the story, you accomplish many hard tasks, forcing you to be constantly moving. Staying still will only get you killed. Luckily, BT will be there to assist you as much as he can and you'll be grateful when he does. The only thing that would have gave this a 10/10, is if the bosses had more of a backstory than what little you heard. Instead of just you being there and they so happened to be there as well. Replay Value: 4/10 Although as great as the campaign is, the replay value isn't really high. It's one of those games where when you beat it, it's like. "Now what?" It's breathtaking, and may be something highly considerable to play later on for a nostalgic feeling, but more than likely you're just going to discuss it among friends/others and talk about what you thought about it. Achievements don't help with replayability either, as if you're playing Master on your first playthrough, you're most likely nabbing every single achievement in the Campaign. Even if you're playing on Regular difficulty, you're just going to be missing the super easy multiplayer achievements and the campaign-difficulty completion one's. Graphics: 9/10 Not the best graphics out there, but they do look really good for what you're getting in a Futuristic Sci-Fi shooter. I personally think Battlefield 1 has better graphics, but has smoother surfaces. Whereas Titanfall 2 has acceptable graphics, but unique textures. Also, almost every single building is diverse, as well as are every room. Copy and pastes are annoying, but acceptable at times as long as it's harder to notice, but this game just went with a huge "No, we're not doing that." Which was great, it really made the Campaign stand-out. Combat: 3/10 Although it's rather easy for some players like myself, I do find it infurating at times where you have no idea what you're doing or what the gun you just picked up does. The only tips you get, is when you respawn. Even then it's only one tip, everything else is pretty much trial and error. For example, the CAR's description is "Low Recoil SMG" okay, what does that mean? It's a steady gun, that's about it. Yet it requires death to just respawn and read a few tips to be like "Huh, I wish I knew that before I used it." Because wall-running with it make it a really good gun, but nobody would have knew that if it didn't require a tip to tell you. Combat-scenarios are great and exciting to see, but if every player has to learn how to use a new gun they picked up, then where's that going to get them in trying something new? It's not. Final Score: 25/40 Percentage: 63% Recommendation: Likely
  2. What happens when a large company, let's call this company Activision as an example, buys a masterful and genius company, let's call this company Bungie, and morphs Bungie into another, let's say Infinity Ward, pumping out a quarter finished title and promising updates later? Destiny happens! Now look, we were ALL hyped for Destiny, whether you want to admit you were or not, deep down you were excited and the majority of us were sucked in and bought the Limited Edition or even the Ghost Edition on Day One. If you were like me and did the above, I'm sure you're also feeling a bit of buyer's remorse right now even playing the game. It makes it worse when content is cut straight from the game on the Xbox versions and given to PlayStation users for no extra fee, that we're likely to not see for another year or longer. And even worse than this, the discovery that paid DLC is implemented inside the game at launch, whether it be finished or not. Activision is a monopolistic greedy group of corporate scammers who figured abducting Bungie and destroying what looked to be the game to define a generation would make them a few hundred million, which it did. Activision bashing aside, how is Destiny? Well, let's start with core gameplay. This is where Destiny shines in a lot of ways and makes you smash your head into your desk at full velocity in others. Core shooting and maneuvering is done excellently, as should be expected by the company who made Halo. The loot system in the game, on the other side of the coin, is absolutely horrid. With an awkward RNG (Random Loot System) based loot system, the game feels unbalanced and flat out amateur in some areas, coming from Bungie. With absolutely no trading, gambling, or balanced loot drop system, the game is a chore to play as you play for hours on end or end up grinding loot caves on Old Russia. I tried so hard to play fair, I really did, but good god it's a horror show to even attempt, it's so much easier when you just farm away and get good enough loot to attempt the Vault of Glass. The areas of play all feel different and complex, and the enemies (even though all playing like mindless drones) look visually appealing and unique, which is a plus for me. On the subject of Vault of Glass, the raid and all existing strikes are a ton of fun to play with friends and make the excruciating farming a bit more tolerable as you grind Aksor on Nightfall together for five hours straight for that Last Word. Moving on, Destiny's least respectable area (in my opinion), the game's story, if you can even call it that. I was genuinely getting interested after the first cutscene and was quite enthralled to keep going, likely my burning hype trying to fart out one last jolt of excitement, but I soon began to notice very odd patterns, with little explanation to flat out ANYTHING, and odd dialogue that made me feel like the game's characters were encouraging me to buy another DLC. Now, with explaining, they open doors and proceed to leave them open after their ridiculously short story ends on the laziest note I've ever seen, thank god it wasn't filled with the mass amount of plot holes of a certain RPG made by Bioware I won't name. "Who is the stranger? Why are you here? WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Is what you'll be screaming at the top of your lungs throughout the game. And as for the strange dialogue, they say things like, "Congrats, but more darkness awaits below the Moon's surface." and it would make me question, before I realized that DLC takes place down there. They don't give you a victory cheer, they tell you 'you did a decent job, go fight some more, don't question our motives'. And this is coming from BUNGIE, the guy's who made the deepest and most emotional lines of dialogue possible in Halo. Maybe the reason it's so lacking in this area is because the lead writer up and left a year ago, and they scrapped the story with only a year to fix it? That's my theory, but I'm not here to shout hogwash at you. Finally, something I can praise in Destiny, the game's graphics. From the details on the enemies, to the green skies of Venus, to the cold winter air running through Old Russia, this game is gorgeous. The graphics team knocked it out of the park in Destiny and spared no dab or brush of bright colours. It almost feels too pretty for the type of game it's trying to be, but you don't really care all that much when you watch the International Space Station drift apart above the moon now do you? The sound team also did a spectacular job, making the game's score immensely impressive. As a matter of fact, it sounds so good it makes me fuming angry that they fired Marty without a cause. Anyway, amazing job on the score and overall stunning vistas and designs. Though I do wish the sound was appropriated a bit better in the actual game, as certain scores can feel out of place with what you're doing. And since I have more than enough room, might as well mention the ridiculous excuse for multiplayer, The Crucible. I had zero fun with this unless I was playing with people I knew and could chat to about how horrid it is. It's loot system is retarded to excruciating levels, as many players will state. Matches feel extremely unbalanced with Level 2s gunning down Level 20s with ease with their Shotguns and Hunter class actions. If you have the Invective exotic shotgun, and are a hunter, you're gonna have a blast dominating people in Crucible, if not well tough luck getting that Legendary faction armour. Overall, did I enjoy Destiny? Yes, not as much as I hoped I would, but I had occasional fun. The game has extreme problems in it's current state though that Bungie is trying to fix, and they have, honourably, taken the blame on their shoulders, which is admirable. Still, humility aside, the game needs massive work and was nowhere near the title we hoped for. If you buy it for a lower price though, maybe $30 + $30 DLC, you might get a kick out of it, just know that owning the Expansion Pass is a must if you're buying this game, as you'll feel extremely left out in terms of gameplay if you don't. Also, play the game on PlayStation consoles simply because of this dumb deal right now, when the time comes and Xbox players get the DLC, feel free to pick and choose. 6/10 Thanks so much for reading guys, see ya next time!
  3. One of the most highly trotted out Microsoft exclusives releasing on the Xbox One, though not even being exclusive or a launch title and by an up and coming developer formed by the people who 'developed' Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and broke off from the shell of a corporation these days Infinity Ward, Titanfall was supposed to save the Xbox One and set it ahead of the competition. Did it? Nope. Where did it go wrong? Well let's check it out below! I'd like to point out what I say above is all in relation to a marketing stance on the game, I find the actual content inside to be quite fun and am going to praise the game more and more as we get further, but before I do let me establish what I said above and why I say it. Titanfall did not save the Xbox One in any way, shape, or form and wouldn't have saved it if it tried. Why? Because not only is it on PC and Xbox 360, but it is a multiplayer only game that at launch extremely under delivered content wise but promised to improve later on, which it undoubtedly did. On top of that, why does the Xbox One need saving by a singular game anyway at this point in the 'Console Race'? It is year one having the console in the hands of consumers, naturally we're going to be thrown filler exclusive after filler exclusive to meet the mass demands while developers like Naughty Dog and 343 Industries work quietly in the background rushing their work so that it can meet the market, going as far as to rerelease old games. It's the first year, that's what you get for being an early adopter. Anyways, ranting done. How is the game itself? Titanfall is marvelous fun, it's a fantastic game with fantastic mechanics and it now has enough content where I can recommend it to you! First of all, this game is a twitch shooter at heart, it is Call of Duty mixed with parkour and mechs, it should be clear by now whether this is your style of game or not. Now I know comparing it to Call of Duty will inflame the masses but let me explain to you, it takes the elements Call of Duty brings that makes casuals keep coming back, and adds in an actual skill requirement and mechanics that keep gameplay fun and act as a sugar charge gluing you to the screen not wanting to move. It's sort of like those iOS games that glue you to the screen because it's so fun and rewards you each time you play, that's Titanfall, except totally different and new. Now, there is a learning curve for the Titans, I will admit that, but as a Pilot joyriding around from wall to wall is indefinitely more fun the first few times. The map design is great, though I wish more creativity was put in, as the maps are designed well, but lack anything memorable about them. The only map that stands out to me is Angel City, which is basically Lockout from Halo 2 with buildings and parkour areas and streets, it's nothing like lockout actually, I lied. Each map is still a ton of fun. Now, let's talk about the game's "storyline". A lot of people dislike it, honestly, I prefer the storyline campaign segments to regular matches for the simple reason of it's more interactive in a lot of ways. For example, in one mission as the IMC you get into these drop pods with OTHER TEAM MATES! It's so cool as you ride down and just slam into the ground and get right into the action. It's parts like this that make this game so sweet, but then, there's customization, which sends it back to a sad sour note. There's little variety, likely no more then 7 or 8 primary weapons and 4 or 5 secondary weapons which is sad, and only three titan models and randomized Pilot models, again, this feels lazy and saddens me. I do hope in the future they add customization to both of these, as it would make this game a ton more fun. The game has fair graphics, nothing too amazing like Killzone: Shadow Fall or Infamous: Second Son levels but they're fine, I'd put them just below Halo 4 level graphics. The visuals look a very drab and toned silver colour, which I would consider nonncreative but I like the style and tone, which is basically Borderlands' cartoony style except with all the colour drained out. I would enjoy if the next game had a more futuristic tone, but some environments looked utterly fantastic, like this view of a burning crimson sun you get in one of the campaign sequences. You see, I LOVED my time with Titanfall, it would be a masterpiece based on how fun it is alone, but sadly it misses a few marks so I can't give it a perfect rating. However, if Respawn Entertainment sees this, you guys have the talent, you need to work on your creativity though, hire a few more artists, try to have more breathtaking visual displays, make weapons and armor and ships a bit more colourful. You guys have a gold game here, and I cannot wait to see what Titanfall 2 brings to the table. I purchased the game at $20 and reviewed it on my Xbox One. If you're going to purchase it I recommend it be in the $30-20 range and you'll get a good value, but avoid the Collector's Edition and stick with standard. 9/10! Thank you very much for reading, I'll see you all next time!
  4. Azaxx

    Pokemon Y Review

    This may just be a once off thing for me, since it's not exactly my type of thing to do reviews, but since I recently beat the game Pokemon Y and have had many other discussions with members on the forums, I thought I'd put a review on the game on 9 different criteria. Note this is all my experience with the franchise, so this may differ to anyone else who plays it, but should be similar with some who read. Note for spoilers, if you haven't played the game yet, and/or haven't completed up to the post-Champion stage, stop reading. This may contains spoilers that can be game changing. Story 5/5 One of the best stories out forward on the table, even if it isn't the best because Pokemon Diamond/Pearl took that spot, it certainly beats it in so many other areas. The TeamFlare business took a long time to pick up, I even thought it wouldn't be in the game since so much was focused on the Mega Evolutions, but it made its entry and stamped well. The morals and emotions created from this game were very different from the older games, something very new. Being able to create a thick emotion into each character is something I've only seen N from Pokemon White/2 and Black/2 accomplish at a moderate level, but this was taken to a whole new level. Each main character having their own moments expressing their feelings and thoughts to the player was something I wasn't expecting from a Pokemon game, but hope it returns in the future games if there may be any. The specific tasks that were on demand were an interesting addition and the ways of learning the game were done quite well. The scripted points of the game, such as meeting a Pidgey at the beginning immediately reminded me of Red/Blue/Yellow which was great since GameFreak went back that far. The Team Flare business and the story behind it all was very intriguing and fascinating to know the backstory behind everything and more. Even the end of the game showed more to me which shows the writers did a fantastic job. Region design 4/5 This region was unusual when I first observed it, I thought it was going to be a dramatic fail, how wrong I turned out to be. It was very original in design and works extremely well with the terrain features added. Every little detail was put in that someone would notice it and smile, even if it made no difference to the level. The Hometown is always one that must be done with absolute perfection, that gives the best first impression to the gamer, I was rather disappointed with Pokemon Diamond/Pearl's town, on the other hand Pokemon Heart/Gold and Soul/Silver were fantastic in how they introduced the player into a new location, and Y/X didn't fail. It was a simple and quick way of introducing the player into the world, and the town design was flawless. Seemed a little cramped, but after dancing around like one does when bored I found it much more enjoyable. The towns were carefully crafted to perfection, and the massive creation of Lumiose City was absolutely stunning, instantly became one of my favourite major locations of any Pokemon game. The variety in locations proved to be well done also, from a standard zubat cave to a spooky swamp, or from a windy desert to a hidden forest, it all seemed to fit in well and nothing seemed out of place on the map. New Pokemon/Evolutions 4/5 The 70 new Pokemon were well done, they weren't fantastic, but it wasn't anything like Pokemon White/Black's monstrosities. These had a lot of thought put into them, especially the Mega Evolutions, some seemed silly which is why it's 4/5, but regardless, it was a solid performance. Over the games, especially White/Black, good Pokemon designs have been hard to design, originality being a problem. With this, it was great, with the less amount of Pokemon to create, lack of originality wasn't a problem. Even with the standard caterpillar to butterfly or tiny bird to big bird, it was done well. Some were pretty dull like a few Fairy type creatures, but seeing as it is a new type, I forgave that. Some were pretty awesome too, like the Chestnaught, the final form of the grass starter, Chespin. The lack of new Legendaries I thought was a good idea, with only 3 new ones in the game, it was much easier to create a decent few that were vastly different from previous games. A Fairy deer, a giant Dark bird and a Ground alien beast all seemed to fit in well with the story. With the addition of the bird trio from Gen I and Mewtwo with his MegaEvolutions, it was good that they didn't go over the top like in Gen IV and V. Initiatives 5/5 This game defined initiative for the Pokemon franchise, Mega Evolutions for a start is such a massive part of this game and they work so well, having to pick the one Pokemon who gets the power boost each match can be tough even. The Roller Skates also were such a clever design, I prefer them over running shoes AND the bike. Finally a major game changer was the character customisation, it was good that you couldn't radically change your character, but small hair details or eye changes with the ability to change your clothes was such a great idea. Mega Evolution was a brilliant inclusion, even though it is limited for a selected bunch of Pokemon in a variety of types, it's still quite useful. I found it most effective with Lucario and Aura Sphere seeing as I annihilated every Pokemon I used it against in the Elite 4/Champion. Though some designs look ridiculous like Mewtwo, others look amazing like Charizard. The Roller Skates were a lovely little inclusion, the attention to detail was amazing also. Being able to slightly touch the circle pad and make a slow movement that changes animation from the full speed and normal speed was an awesome feature. Music/Sounds 5/5 Just about perfect, that's all that needs to be said. The music has so much emotion in this, the excitement of a rival battle to the challenge of Team Flare, the happiness from Serena/Calem's theme to the terror of the champions theme were all great, nothing was bad. The Pokemon cries were so much better, even Pikachu I loved with his traditional anime cry, too bad this couldn't be carried over to every Pokemon. But one is still more than none which every other game had. The difference sort of styles that the music had was incredible. From a fun rival theme to a hard Team Flare boss theme always proves to be energising. The Legendary music for Yveltal (Pokemon Y mascot) wasn't that memorable, however was fitting for the moment. The end game music also had a fitting aspect for the 3000yo King who just reunited with his long lost loved Pokemon. My favourite theme I found was the Serena/Calem's theme, which played a couple of times in the game, been listening to it when I've been writing this actually. The Pokemon battle cries and fainting cries were very impressive I thought, more realism was focused in this game, well as much realism as one can make for a fantasy world. The quality of the voices is swell, and utilised the engine of the 3DS quite well. Graphical layout 5/5 Absolutely stunning, the beautiful battle animations were perfect and even the small details like blinking made this game so special. GameFreak clearly put everything they had into this game, and their artists do need more credit, it was fantastic what they achieved here. The battle animations with full 3D models of each Pokemon suits this game like I didn't believe, the rapid movements of each character Pokemon and Human alike makes it a much better experience than previous games, small details in everything is a comment theme of this game, down to the tiniest movement. The attacks are very vibrant in both colours and animation, making for very interesting games. Along with that, the environment also has obviously had massive treatment to it, each location having small things to it added to make it unique from previous generation game locations such as a bug forest which makes an appearance each game. Characters 5/5 Perfect, the characters were nothing less. The 4 companions you have with the one main rival were created so well, the two guys weren't exactly non forgettable, but offered humour from their remarks. While the two girls (or one girl and boy if you chose female character) were quite detailed and expressed well, the emotion shown from them was clear as daylight. Az was an unusual character expressed well at the end and Team Flare's boss was a great character, even the professor was good. Starting with the 4 young teens who start with you in the group of 5. Trevor and Tierno weren't that interesting I found, I kinda hated Trevor a bit, until the end, as for Tierno, I had no idea what he was smoking. Selena and Shauna were my two favourite characters out of the whole game, they made the group of 5 kids a diverse ones. One being a strong willed rival who was very determined and the other being scared way too easily but offered an emotional characteristic which was a pleasant change. Az, the mysterious giant who turned out to be an ancient king at the end, and ancestor to the Team Flare's leader was a heartless sod when going through the game, I thought that they could've made this character a lot better, boy did they prove me wrong. Although he had little screen time, he was proven to have changed his way of a cruel king to someone who deeply cared for others. I was also surprised at the amount of action Professor Sycamore had in the game, though it barely changed him as a character, it was good seeing such an important non-playable character share time in the game with you. Post game 4/5 The post game was rather good, new areas unlocked, a few decent legendary Pokemon and a whole new little city. Though it may not seem much, it never really is. However, as always with the NationalDex being unlocked, the task of catching them all really starts again. I can't get much into detail with this, as I've just been slightly introduced into this part of the game, and with the possibility of DLC being added later in the game, ie. extra legendary pokemon, it's unclear what I'm yet to uncover. However from what I've found, it's a decent expansion on the game, which I greatly enjoy. User interface 4/5 Almost everything was well done, the one major let down for this new user face was the bag system, it was too clogged up and messy and takes a long time to find something as simple as a repel. Apart from that, menus are easily accessible and it doesn't take long to do tasks you wish to do. Conclusion Finishing, this game exceeded my expectations by a long shot, in didn't think this would do better than Gen V, but it smashed that. And rivals my favourite generation being Gen IV, it just depends what secrets I uncover in the months to follow that I play this game. I strongly recommend this to any gamer with a 2/3DS, preferably the 3DS as it makes the best of what this game offers. Pokemon fan or just wanting a fun time, this game definitely offers a lot. Final total score of the game. 41/45 - A+
  5. I figured the other thread was good for Text-only reviews, so I've made a new one for my video reviews. If you have a game you'd like reviewed, Please let me know, either in this thread, or in a private message. So, here it goes! my first Review!
  6. Warning! may contain spoilers! Have a game you'd like reviewed? let me know! Post in here, or PM me. I may not be able to do it though. I have a constraint Money-wise, but I have played a vast number of games, in all genre's. I've decided I'd start reviewing games as I play them. these could be new games, old games, low key games, or high profile games. Basically whatever I feel like playing, and have. Currently I'm playing Assassin's Creed III. I've been a fan of all the games so far. and as it looks now, 3 will be no different. Below is a short synopsis of what i've played so far, after which i will give it a preliminary score. So far the story has been building characters, so the action has been rather tame. but it has been interesting, the graphics are not ground breaking, but good, and the game play is tighter and more responsive than in previous titles. Preliminary rating 8.5 / 10 A Ten is very hard to get from me. so yeah. theres my review as of now. as i play more i will keep telling you the story, (Spoilers possible of course.) And i will change my rating as i see fit. remember though, these are my opinion so don't decide whether or not you'd buy a game on my word.
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