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  1. Well duh, I odiously want the cookie. WYR be able to control the weather or have an infinite supply of cookies?
  2. at the doughnut shop where...
  3. Welcome to the forums and enjoy.
  4. Vore


    Welcome to the forums... whatever you are.
  5. Halo 3 deffinately deserves a big bang going out. It was such a great game.
  6. Vore


    That, and the world. Welcome to the forums.
  7. 1/10... Sorry, but I hate anti-jokes.
  8. Sith... Would you rather become a flood or a zombie?
  9. sports program, but suddenly the...
  10. Vore

    The A-Z Song Game

    Hail and Kill by Manowar
  11. Political figure. POWER! WYR there be no Halo 4 or no 343i.org?
  12. Some magicians can walk on water, Kurt S-051 can swim through land. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, Absolute Dog was the first man to walk on the sun. Fear of spiders is arachnophobia, fear of tight spaces is claustrophobia, and fear of Vitamin PWN is logic. Fear The Green Axecutioner!!!
  13. because all of their pizza...
  14. so much that their heads...
  15. Fat chicks need lovin too... Would you rather have your saliva permanently transmuted to urine or be water soluble?
  16. *With a tear in his eye he calls the hotline and donates 3,521.56cR*
  17. Wow... just, wow... I just wasted 6 minutes and 59 seconds of my life. If this idiot thinks he is so smart, why wasn't he the producer of the game?
  18. This is very impressive. I've never played Far Cry but the forge mode looks like it has many more options than Reach, or maybe I've just never put that ridiculous amount of time into forge.
  19. 9.5/10... I like the effect the you gave your spartan.
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