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  1. So as you might know Minecraft 1.3 has been on hold for ages, but it has finally been revealed! Just read below for the entire changelog Changes: Confirmed via a weekly build: General Improved overall stability and performance Reduced CPU, RAM & bandwidth usage [*]Made Singleplayer internally use a Multiplayer server [*]Added optional single-player commands called "Cheats" on non-hardcore worlds Type / and then hit tab to autocomplete & get help on various commands Most commands from MP are available [*]Added option to let LAN friends join SP games You can choose which gamemode players join in and whether they are allowed to use cheats [*]Added demo mode for non-premium users Lasts 5 game days per world [*]Added chat options Change which parts of chat are shown and how opaque it is Toggle chat colors, links being clickable and warning prompts for links Option to rebind the command key, which opens the chat with / in the textfield [*]Mobs can now spawn on top slabs and upside down stairs [*]Improved F3 mode: Truncated coordinates to 5 fractional digits Removed frame rendering time history graph (bottom-left) 3 new values: ws: Walking speed (constant) fs: Flying speed (constant) g: Boolean value, true when you touch the ground [*]Updated language files Added tooltips for all types of Monster Egg blocks and the End Portal Frame Added more descriptive tooltips for different types of tree-related blocks, sandstone and stone bricks Localized server commands Added missing commands-related strings Added missing double chest GUI caption [*]Fixed many bugs Fixed texture packs in folders not showing their icon and description Fixed Stallion-in-the-middle attack allowing hackers to log in as you when you visit their server Fixed the Open texturepack folder button not working on OS X Gameplay Added Adventure mode Only playable using commands Building, setting things on fire and using buckets is disabled Players can only interact with mobs and the environment [*]Added trading Screenshots Using emerald as currency, villagers will, depending on profession, offer different trades to players There are three kinds of trades: Selling, buying and enchanting As displayed in the top-most part of the trading GUI, villagers take one or more items or item stacks and give back something After trading, villagers will sometimes emit purple particles for a few seconds to indicate that their trades changed Otherwise unobtainable bottles o' enchanting and chainmail armor can be obtained by trading [*]Improved Creative mode inventory Screenshots There are categorized tabs for various groups of items and blocks Added a search tab which will automatically be switched to when the chat key is hit Added survival inventory tab, which shows the full inventory, a 'Destroy item' slot, armor slots including a preview of your character and a 2x2 crafting field Items can now be deleted from the inventory by shift-clicking them Added layered snow block, Monster Egg Blocks (Silverfish spawning blocks), Ender Portal frame and all potions Now shows potion effects' timers like in Survival [*]Improved experience collection Depending on ore type, experience now drops from ores that drop items Taking smelted items out of furnaces gives experience now Destroying mob spawners gives experience now Adjusted experience level progression: Levels 1-15 cost 17 XP points each Levels 16-30 cost 3 more XP points than the previous (cost = 17 + (level - 15) * 3) Levels 31-∞ cost 7 more XP points than the previous (cost = 62 + (level - 30) * 7) [*]Improved enchanting The new maximum level with bookshelves is 30, without 8 15 bookshelves are enough to reach level 30 The 3rd slot shows the most expensive possible enchantment more often Increased chances for multiple enchantments at once Adjusted enchantments' rarity for the new system [*]Added writing in books New crafting recipe for books: 3 pieces of paper and one piece of leather in any possible shape New item: Book and Quill - Crafting recipe: 1 ink sac, 1 feather and 1 book in any possible shape Right-click to write on & edit up to 50 pages or read Click 'Done' to save the book, 'Sign' to choose a title and finalize the book Screenshots [*]Improved Multiplayer Made entities less likely to glitch through blocks - Comparison: before and after Added automagical downloading of standard sized texture packs when joining servers Made server commands more descriptive Added reason parameter to /ban Added /seed command to show the map seed Added /defaultgamemode command to choose the gamemode new players start in Added /debug command to enable and disable profiling /kick messages can now contain "\n" to force a new line Blocks other players are mining now show cracks - Screenshot /tp can now be used to teleport to specific coordinates Made server list re-orderable: shift+click or shift+arrow keys move selected servers Server list now scans for LAN servers - Screenshot Added hardcore difficulty: Players are banned upon death [*]Added many minor things Individual, stackable items near each other on the ground now become one item stack Added shift clicking support to armor slots, brewing stands & enchantment tables Added setting to disable servers offering you texture packs Made the stars smaller and brighter - Screenshot Villagers spawned from spawning eggs will get a random profession now Removed the downwards knockback while drowning Doors being broken by zombies now show their damage - Screenshot [*]Improved the Pick Block key You now get the actual block You can now pick paintings, boats, minecarts and mobs, which will give you their spawn eggs Picking huge mushroom blocks now gives mushrooms You can no longer pick portal blocks [*]Fixed many bugs Fixed flying slowly in liquids Fixed blocks with the same id but different data/damage values stacking in Creative inventory Fixed boats & minecarts not being one-hit breakable in Creative Fixed raw fish, dyes, saddles, potions, milk buckets and tools depleting in Creative Fixed water destroying non-solid blocks when breaking them from above Fixed Silk touch giving you only one slab from double slabs Fixed redstone updates not propagating through unloaded chunks Fixed arrows scooting up to the top of the block they were shot on in MP Fixed repeaters getting stuck when loading their chunk Fixed endermen not opening their jaws in MP Fixed tools taking damage when breaking insta-breakable blocks Fixed fully charged arrows not showing their particle effect in MP Fixed many sounds not playing in MP Fixed magma cubes' and slimes' jumping animations not showing in MP Fixed thunderstorms not darkening the sky in MP Fixed weather not fading in or out in MP Fixed enchanted armor and tools not glowing to other players Fixed ender pearls and eyes of ender not being aligned in the inventory Fixed explosions not pushing players back in MP Fixed TNT not knocking back players in MP Fixed pistons not pushing back players in MP Fixed the arrow representing players on held maps being offset Fixed being able to duplicate sand, gravel and powered rail Fixed placing a piston in front of another powered, but not extended one resulting in a glitched piston with the head's texture on all sides Fixed TNT dropping as a ressource on creative mode Fixed powering specifically glitched pistons crashing the game Fixed players on minecarts, boats or pigs and spider jockeys not being displayed in the correct location World Generation Made sub-biome type mountains like Desert Hills or Ice Mountains taller - Screenshot Made cocoa beans appear on some small jungle trees - Screenshot Added optional starting chest on non-hardcore worlds Screenshot Contents: wooden & stone tools, bread, apples, logs, planks and sticks [*]Added large biomes world type, increasing biome sizes immensely [*]Added desert-specific villages Screenshot [*]Added desert temples Screenshots Built out of various kinds of sandstone and wool Include hidden chest room and TNT trap, with loot including rotten flesh, bones, iron ingots and gold ingots, diamonds and emeralds [*]Added jungle temples Screenshots Built out of various kinds of cobblestone Contain multiple tripwire traps triggering dispensers filled with arrows Loot chests include bones, rotten flesh, gold ingots, iron ingots, diamonds and emeralds [*]Added emerald ore Only generates in Extreme Hills biomes Occurs up to 8 times per chunk in veins of 1 Generates between layers 4 and 31, inclusive Blocks & Items Emerald Ore Screenshot Drops Emerald [*]Emerald Screenshot Is used to trade with villagers [*]Block of Emerald Screenshot Crafted by putting 9 emeralds on a crafting table [*]Ender Chest Screenshot Crafted by surrounding an eye of ender with 8 pieces of obsidian Stores each player's contents across dimensions and all Ender Chests Contents are preserved even if all Ender Chests are destroyed Explosion-resistant Emits light and purple particles Unless mined using a Silk Touch-enchanted pickaxe, they drop 8 obsidian [*]Tripwire Hook Screenshots String in between needs to be placed manually Breaking the string triggers a redstone signal, cutting it using shears doesn't Entities like boats, mobs, arrows or players touching the string trigger a redstone signal String can be up to 40 blocks long Crafting recipe: Iron ingot on top of a stick on top of a wooden plank [*]String Can now be placed on the ground decoratively [*]Furnaces Can be fueled by wooden tools now Return an empty bucket when using lava buckets as fuel now [*]Ice Instead of melting in the nether, it now disappears Can be obtained using Silk Touch-enchanted gear now [*]Glass Panes Can be obtained using Silk Touch-enchanted gear now [*]Nether portal Leaks into the Overworld now: Depending on difficulty, zombie pigmen rarely spawn in them [*]Half slabs Added all wood types Wooden slabs crafted after the update act like wood Will now be top slabs when placed on the upper half of a block's side When placed upside down, rails, pressure plates, levers, doors, torches, redstone torches, repeaters, redstone dust and beds can be placed on them - Redstone dust behaves like on glowstone - It transmits power horizontally and upwards, but not downwards. Redstone torches don't power redstone placed on slabs/stairs above them. [*]Stairs Added Sandstone Stairs - Screenshot Added wooden stairs for all kinds of wood - Screenshot Adjusted hitbox - Screenshots When placed upside down, rails, pressure plates, levers, doors, torches, redstone torches, repeaters, redstone dust and beds can be placed on them - Redstone dust behaves like on glowstone - It transmits power horizontally and upwards, but not downwards. Redstone torches don't power redstone placed on slabs/stairs above them. [*]Leaves Water slowly drips through them when it's raining [*]Cauldrons Slowly fill up when it's raining [*]Dispensers Minecarts & boats will now be placed if there's rails/water in place Instead of dispensing buckets, dispensers will now suck in or place water or lava in front of them [*]Gravel Changed texture - Screenshot [*]Jungle leaves Have a 1/200 chance to drop a cocoa bean when destroyed now [*]Lever Can be placed on the ceiling now - Screenshot [*]Wooden pressure plates Are triggered by arrows now [*]Pistons Changed a few things to fight bugs, which now causes them to appear to update slightly slower - some contraptions may require changes to signal timing [*]Cocoa beans Retextured item - Screenshot Can be planted & grown on jungle wood nowimg Can be grown instantly using bone meal [*]Cookies Give a full hunger point now [*]Empty buckets Stack up to 16 now Stacked buckets work just like stacked glass bottles do [*]Signs Stack up to 16 now Crafting now gives 3 signs instead of 1 [*]Golden Apple Has two crafting recipes now, the new one replacing gold nuggets with gold blocks Second tier gives Regeneration IV, Resistance and Fire resistance effects Only second tier glows like enchanted tools [*]Spawners Added NBT tags to further customize spawned mobs Only changeable using map editors or mods [*]Boats Are not broken by lilypads anymore, instead they run straight through the lilypad now, breaking and sometimes dropping it Are less glitchy and more responsive now Increased maximum speed When exiting, players will be moved from the boat When broken, they drop a boat now [*]Minecarts When on rails, they can be accelerated a bit while sitting in them When exiting, players will be moved from the minecart Mobs Pigs Drop 1-3 meat now [*]Slimes Reduced spawn rate in superflat maps [*]Silverfish When suffering from poison potions, they will now spawn more silverfish from nearby silverfish blocks more often All hostile mobs Become aggressive towards the last mob or player that hit them now I believe that is everything. Now when can we expect this massive update? Well it's been confirmed to be released on August 1st!
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what these prometheans will bring to the Halo 4 story also what will happen when the prometheans notice the UNSC Infinity.
  3. Well I've never had the Turtle Beach X32 but the X12 is really awesome, only thing is I dunno how much it costs in dollars.
  4. I think some Spartan Ops missions will, like the first and last chapters of each mission, or maybe just the first, but I don't know really lol.
  5. Yea it was awesome, only thing is I don't see how the character switching will work
  6. Pikachu! Weird thing is Ash's Pikachu was fat in the first series of pokemon and now he's, well, not as fat but still fat lol >.>
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. First game that I played was Pacman.
  9. Yeah, It was so awesome when all you had to do was just join a clan, and then you're done. But now you have to do all kinds of stuff like changing armor, emblem, etc.
  10. Wait so what time tomorrow does all this start?
  11. Us Bronys are slowly taking over the forums haven't you seen it? No one shall beat the Brony Empire!!!! P.S I'm in the Brony airforce, which is obviously part of the brony empire lol
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