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  1. Do you think that the Halo worlds and Shield World have something in common?
  2. To be honest... there is a lot of epicness here. Whoever maintains this site is awesome! I've never have dealt with ip.board software before but it seems to have a lot of functionality.
  3. Howdy! I'm kinda new here myself and don't know that much but welcomes to the forums.
  4. What do you think you will find down there?
  5. Now way! I tend to stick with Bungie Universe or Community forums.
  6. Dang! And I ran out of troll food the other day. Thanx for teh welcomes!
  7. Eh. Scientists found me floating in deep space. Completely frozen I might add. They even extracted my DNA/memories and implanted them into a human form.
  8. Howdy ya'll. I'm new here. And more of a Bungie fan. But I decided to give 343i a try.
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