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  1. As far as I know, MLG v7 updates include Penance and Battle Canyon added to the map list, the removal of Evade and Magnum Pistol from all the maps and the removal of Sprint as an AA on every gametype. Its back to basics now.
  2. Headhunter in SWAT would be bad, I think the playlist already has its fair amount of Objective gametypes in. As for community created maps, some MLG maps like The Pit, Oasis, etc, play real good with SWAT and should be added in the playlist. But not new maps created by randoms.
  3. I think this is terrible man, I mean seriously? Bad ideas all of them, some even ridiculous. I don't know where to begin and if there is an end. Wanting to double the power of the AL and cut down Sprint and Evade was just the tip of the iceberg. Sniper two headshot kill?! This is a *must forget*.
  4. Invest 70%, give 20% to some close people and use the other 10% to have a good time.
  5. Personally, I think Uncaged is the worst map for Infection.
  6. I guess it has to do with the time each rank needs in order to achieve.
  7. First of all, I can't understand the use of caps. You think you're talking to someone less smart than you, or you're just angry for some reason? Second, I call changing basic loadouts(weapons and armor abilities), weapon respawn times and areas of player respawns changes that affect directly how the game plays. Now we can drop the argument and move on.
  8. Drink. Wait I'm detoxing. So eat. WYR meet up and sing on stage with Linkin Park or Coldplay ?
  9. All you keep saying is that Bungie never listened to the fans and didn't address any issues concerning gameplay. But in fact they did. Please read your posts more carefully.
  10. But they did address issues that the playlists had when they started off. Tweaked things here and there, things that the fans had problem with. Maybe not something as huge as bloom and nerfing the armor lock, but still. They did what they could to keep the community satisfied.
  11. That akward moment when you cash in on your friends misfortune.
  12. Reds all the way. WYR explore a new map for Halo Reach or design it?
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