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  1. This definitely makes GOW:UE worth it. I have played GOW 1-3 but I haven't played judgement. Anyone who already has them should take into consideration that you're getting GOW 1 remastered with small additions as well as the original trilogy and judgement, and you get access to the GOW 4 beta, all this for less than the price of a new game. It's like the Master Chief Collection.
  2. Minecraft or Skyrim for me. I don't get bored from either very quickly and it doesn't seem hard to thrive in either environment as the main character.
  3. Thank you everyone, it's an honor to be part of the Legendary ranks
  4. I was disappointed with the campaign for battlefield 3, hopefully this one is less predictable and takes longer
  5. Congrats, join the Motherhood!
  6. What is good cheap game that has good visuals, interesting story and a large enough player base currently to find a multiplayer match relatively quickly(optional)? If you can please list a few, I want to buy a new game.
  7. I'll try to play, I might be travelling that day.
  8. Can I please get this http://i220.photobuc...zps4b148a9a.gif in a loop animation and a transparent background? Can I also get another version with this in the background http://cdn.gamerant....aster-Chief.jpg (just the chief)
  9. The second picture looks like the college of winterhold in Skyrim
  10. I think most CoDs aren't much different because they aim to establish a sense of realism, therefore limiting their creative freedom unlike games like Halo where it's set in the future with space travel and such thus giving them a whole universe to explore and create, giving you a breath of fresh air every game but from the same source keeping it relatable to the past game. Black Ops 2 kind of found a way to give them more freedom with all the machine stuff, quite honestly though the first Black Ops story line wasn't bad and zombies is pretty fun. I already pre-ordered the game mostly because of zombies and to play with my friends in multiplayer, although im not very excited for it.
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