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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all welcome to the real Wrapup where I don't intend to disappoint you with entries that are months old. But it may happen even without them: Primary Announcement: Did everyone have fun yesterday? COMMUNITY EVENTS Edward's Trinity Events Edward Kenway's first Event of the Trinity will be April 6th and it will be played on Mass Effect 3. Click above for information on the other two Events. Meet Your Maker Community Event Weekend The Meet Your Maker Infinity Slayer Forge Contest was quite possibly the largest Forge Contest in the Halo Community. Brought to you by 343industries.org and The Halo Forge Epidemic, it drew in over 100 submissions judged by a group of members from the community including THE Absolute Dog, THE Spades N AZ, THE WARHOLIC, and THE Psychoduck. I'm talking big names. And even bigger names when it came to participants. Winners included Squally DaBeanz, The Fated Fire, Redemption1272, PA1NTS, and Xinshu. It wasn't quite as big the second time around but it was still up there since participants were allowed two submissions each. If you don't know these names above then wait until you see their work. Find winning maps of the previous MYM Contests here and here. RSVP to the Meet Your Maker Community Event Weekend today. With special guest Drizzy_Dan of course. Ruby and Yang's Community Event On April 19th, get a good game going with the community in an unofficial Event hosted by Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose. The Slash Em and Smash Em Event is sure to be a good time. (Directly taken from the Community Event Calendar Thread.) Find the date and times by clicking above. Something's Fishy... I decided to go with this image instead of the one I put in the Calendar thread because I mean look at it. Its description is in the picture. And this was also a great episode. "What are you gonna do with that!?" "Something that should've been done a long time ago." *Fixes squeaky bolt.* Right so the Event by Fishy will be on Halo Wars as I'm sure you couldn't tell from anything I've just said above and there is truly something Fishy going on with it. Find the date and time by visiting the Event thread and RSVP. Everyone who attends Community Events gets the Gamer Award: CONTESTS The 343iCF March Caption Contest has come to an end. And your winner is... SELF DESTRUCT! Winning Caption: Congratulations to Self Destruct who will soon be receiving the brand new Caption Contest Winner Award: Thanks Gryffin for whipping this up for the Contest Find the new Caption Contest for April here. FEATURED INTERVIEWS Redemption1272 . Winner of the Meet Your Maker Infinity Slayer Forge Contest. His map Edifice won first prize and you can definitely expect to be playing on it this weekend at the Event. FORGE Featured Map Fishy definitely saw this one coming. This is Dignitas by Zaelkyria, whom I've featured before in the Featured Map Subsection of the Wrapup for their Covenant Cruiser. This isn't a recreation of any sort, this is an original design with Forerunner influence. Find more astonishing pictures of Dignitas in Zaelkyria's Submission Thread. GAMING NEWS Batman: Arkham Knight New Villain Detailed Rocksteady has announced that there will be a brand new villain introduced to the Arkhamverse that goes by the name of the Arkham Knight. If you want the real details, read Edward Kenway's article. Games With Gold - April Adam brings you up to speed on what games you'll be getting for free this April. They are Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight. Post any feedback on the subject in Adam's article. Halo: Spartan Assault Coming to Steam Yes Halo fans that are also on Steam you have read that correctly. BZ gives you coverage of Spartan Assault coming to Steam. Teaser trailer above. Leave comments on the matter in BZ's article. For more Gaming News check out the latest on our Front Page. HOT TOPIC XCOM: The 343 Files This week's real Hot Topic is a unique one by Promotions and Events Staff, D-38 Boss. Boss wrote play-by-plays of himself playing XCOM: Enemy Within and replaced the characters of the game with member from here on the forum. It's hilarious and easy to read. MEMBER OF THE MONTH And now for a proper congratulations to our newest MoM, Unease P34nut! Congrats P34nut and thanks for dealing with the anxiety of not knowing whether you were really the MoM or not this month! Your new profile pic is great by the way! Somebody think of a new peanut pun for me (Spark). Announcement thread. MoM Post. Thank you for giving this one a chance after reading yesterday's, guys. Did I miss anything? Scroll back up and read it all over again just to make sure.
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