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  1. So i've been wondering about this question for so long. I don't know if anyone ever discuss or notice this but as I was watching the legendary ending for Halo 4 and i noticed that when Master Chief walked pass Palmer, he was wayyyyyyy taller than her. here's the video at 1:23 But when i look back to the video when Palmer first met MC, MC had about the same height as Palmer here>> at around 30 seconds in I think this might be the effect of what the Librarian did to MC? Or it's just some crappy job on the cut scenes? Any idea on this? I've been trying to find the answer for this question for so long. thanks
  2. i agree to most of the part but nering frags is stupid, they ready nerfed out 70% of its damage compare to reach..the frag cant even break shield if the play did not sits on the frags
  3. that sucks lol i got capped without x2 and now my friend's level pasted me i was up like 2 level higher than his now e's 2 level higher than me
  4. LoL i think people with the x2 xp get cap.. I play without x2 and get like 3k every game and played the whole day..THEN they xp cap me lol this ******** pisses me off
  5. OK first of all i dont use x2 xp..then i played all day yesterday later at night my brother played and got his challenge finish but he did not get any xp Yea xp cap is good to prevent the x2 xp player but i dont use it and got capped? how the **** is this possible? and yes it is kindda annoying to have xp cap.. for some people who thing xp cap is good...when u get one ull know how it feel. I'm not even sure how long the cap is. I start playing again today and still xp cap on me. My point is yea xp cap to prevent people boosting xp but it's kindda pointless to play without exchanges. (cap x2 xp and raise the cap for normal players up higher)
  6. I bet Bungie is laughing at 343 right now
  7. LOL i would say that this topic is stupid.. it's like the all time favorite + it's like the biggest map of all in Halo4 which were considered as a mid size map in Halo3... 343 need more bigger maps for BTB
  8. i would say that Odd ball SHOULD be Only in multi team because if there's only 2 teams it's already know whos going to win.. 343 needs to put out more game types if not the game will die soo fast just like SWTOR (as example)
  9. In my opinion 343 tries too hard to make Halo4 great which may lead them to overlooked some details and tradition halo culture. I don't really care about campaign or Spartans ops but multiplayer. Things i was disappointed are: <maps >instant spawn >the team logo (useless/ what?) >weapon on maps >glitchy maps >laggy animations >ordinance (camping *****/ just take all power weapons out and put like grenade and power ups) and yea i agree with the first topic that 343 cared about looks not details.. i really hope they have bigger maps like in halo3 or reach and please don't try to copy CoD anymore it's a crappy game>>Halo is a undead game hope it continues
  10. I've been playing halo4 a lot and i loved it (not about the things that are similar to CoD) but it's a great game. I don't really use much of an armor ability but i use the thrusterpack a lot. I have noticed that the thruster in normal slayer are useless cause it's like i can move like 2 feet over for a second..it's even slower that sprint. I also notice that when i sprint and use the thruster..it doesn't stack the speed or go along the way with sprint(i don't really know how to explain it but go try sprint>jump > thruster it just stop the sprinting speed and go into a thruster speed unless jet pack when u run and use jet pack u go up+forward) at around 1:13 as example My point is i just want the thruster to be like in campaign it's longer and it stacks with the sprint around 0:13 About the hard light shield..just useless
  11. yes..it's sooooooooo easy to kill other play with saw lol ever mid range
  12. I agree to this topic most of game structure are similar to CoD which i hate it.. it takes away a tradition called t-bagging or something lol. Yeah, and the ordinance drops makes people camp like ****! One time there's like 3 snipers and their teammate just camp long range when i come out..Baam! head shot lol I wish there could: be no ordinance (similar to CoD) just weapons on maps just like reach or halo3, no more instant spawn it's just not like the "Halo" game type that's about it that i can think of the things that is similar to CoD (not mentioning about the grenade detector) and i hope 343 will change these "problems" when the next patch comes out
  13. HAHA this sometimes i called my ordinance and there's a sound dropping it but there is not ordinance ..**** u 343 lol
  14. These are all true i also notice the same.. sometimes there when i fire a AR there is not fire(i can see half of it) coming out Sometimes wheels doesn't move/ glitch maps I notice the graphic is wired but not sure >>the animations seems laggy like how game runs..during the matchmaking how spartan runs >>>MOST of all the dame assassination looks laggy and really unreal>> its like watching a robot assassinate eachother compare to reach i vote for reach
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