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Found 1 result

  1. Edition Inside Flip these 2 words around lol Nowadays gossips within the forums I got the chance to catch up with gossip man/girl These are the latest gossips. -Twam is Bill gates son What do you think? -GSD is a husky What do you think? -The moderators get paid minimum wage -Sparky is a spy -Edward Kenway stole into the news group files to get incredible news stories. - Azaxx took donuts shouts? -Bacon is no longer allowed at 343 - The website issues are from Twam dropping a piece of pizza on the controls. - The 343ibot is a woman? word on the streets of the forum is that winners of the USF Election get promoted to C-Mods shortly after Dog is joining the Community Moderators! 21. May be offensive Add in your gossips This is ALL made up in my head, and gossip girl/man is ibot. Dont take anything serious, as this is a way of having a good time on the forums.
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