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    I'm also interested in taking up programming, 3D modeling/animating and 2D spriting so that I can create my own video games and see my concepts come to fruition. Movie directing and book writing, too, which includes animation.

    I'm also interested in creating some new technology with a company...I just want to create something.

    I'm interested in the concept of virtual reality. Oculus Rift is good, but I want it to go further and reach Matrix-level virtual reality.

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  1. It's tough to say, with the whole Cortana plot twist in Halo 5 leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I would personally like if they went with a storyline that explored the Forerunners and Precursors in more detail, and perhaps clear up whether this Cortana is truly the same Cortana we know, or just a fragment of what we once knew. I would love for the story to be an overall grey area, with tons of factions fighting it out. Perhaps even show the Insurrection for the first time in a Halo game, too. On the downside, though, this would make the story lose focus. The story writer would have to add or remove elements depending on how it all flows.
  2. 17 years ago on November 15, Halo CE was released and the world got their first taste of Halo. Celebrate that day with a Halo music video utilizing "Yesterday" by The Beatles:
  3. I'll have to say: The Bungie Halos. Can never stop replaying them, and each one has its own quirks. The other Halos are good too, actually, but I find myself replaying them less than Bungie's Halo games. There's just something Bungie's Halo games have that 343's lack.
  4. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lOsG-8cZM4pvHZL5IavfdGV9OQy7c5GS DESCRIPTION: Ever wanted to hear Halo 5's soundtrack with Steve Vai's electric guitars from Halo 2? Well, now you can! This is as official sounding as I could possibly make it, utilizing various different Halo soundtracks, official stem mixes and in-game audio. Enjoy the first ever (to my knowledge) Halo 5 Mjolnir Mix ever made - And in a neat way too! Complete with album art and a simple little video to accompany it. All credits to Martin O'Donnell and Steve Vai for creating the original mixes and recordings, and to Kazuma Jinnouchi for the Halo 5 OST This mix uses the following Halo tracks: - Halo 2 OST Mjolnir Mix (Guitar track, monks, fx, and strings) - Halo 2 OST Reclaimer (Guitar track) - Halo 5 OST - Halo Canticles - Halo 5 OST - The Trials
  5. Can we not have a replacement? Let's just make a ton of new characters who don't necessarily "replace" the Chief, nor would Chief necessarily be gone. And I personally have to say that Locke is a terrible replacement for Chief. He follows orders far too strictly, and is even less interesting than Chief, if you ask me. I hope Locke isn't Chief's replacement.
  6. Ever wanted to watch Halo 4's cutscenes with Martin O'Donnell's music? Now you can! Took time to edit it together. It utilizes a bunch of custom mixes I had to make to get everything to work. DESCRIPTION: The fan edit I've always been wanting to do. This is Halo 4's cutscenes with Martin O'Donnell's amazing music. As much as I *also* like Halo 4's music, O'Donnell has this special nostalgia spot for me. I really wanted to see how well I could take O'Donnell's music and work it into Halo 4's various cutscenes and QTEs. They actually work really well if you ask me. Old school Halo music can definitely work with 343's style. Just hire Marty already, 343! I consider this my best music swap so far. I took my time on it and my familiarity with the classic trilogy soundtrack really helped make this the best I could make it. Where my Halo 3 and Reach music swaps took me only a few hours, this one spans multiple days. The editing here is 100% audio with no alterations made to the video footage. The pre-rendered cutscenes were the toughest to edit, due to the lack of layers of audio to work with. In fact, the most obvious bit of background music that can still be heard is in the intro cutscene. The in-game cutscenes had the benefit of having a dialogue layer and a music/sounds layer, which allowed me to focus on isolating the sound effects from the music, without worrying about the voices. NOTES: 1.) This was made using voices from Halo 4's pck files for crisp vocals (I have already uploaded this dialogue only version), but since SFX wasn't available for extraction, I had to do a lot of sound editing for the SFX to work. To make it easier, I extracted the cutscene audio mixed with music and chose the audio track with the quietest music. 2.) Since MCC's Reclaimer Closing scene ("Give me that chip" scene) is untextured and off-putting, I opted for Gamecheat13's 4k version of the scene, and then interpolated it for 60 fps and edited it further to eliminate artefacts. 3.) I took the liberty of fixing some of the lip syncing that was off in the original Halo 4. Helps with immersion. 4.) Some music pieces here are entirely custom mixes I made myself in order to get them to work with Halo 4. I'll be uploading them at some point over at AwesomeHaloMusic one by one. In addition, I'll be uploading one video on this channel that has all of them in one as a Halo "mix album" that'll also advertise the AwesomeHaloMusic channel and serve as a showcase for my improved audio editing. 5.) I tried my best to give each character, location and sequence its own theme and sound. For example, the prologue on Earth used ODST music, scenes on Infinity used Reach music, scenes with the Chief used trilogy music, Cortana's scenes use the piano, and Didact's scenes have a heavy choir, for that intimidating effect. Admittedly, Brothers In Arms is used quite a lot, but I've decided that would be because it's Chief's theme in place of 117. Anytime a section features the Chief making a risky decision/doing something epic, it plays. I could go on with explaining each music choice, but that'd take a whole video. The video also gets better and better up till the end if you ask me, since the beginning sections are mostly ambient tracks. This is intentional. I'm attempting to build tension. I did start strong for the prologues, however. The Halo Theme is epic in the final Didact encounter. It's like the scene mas made for it. 'Nuff said. (Same thing goes with some other scenes, but eh, you'll see when you watch them) One more thing, "Ashes" is used when Didact composes everyone because they're all "Ashes" now. Eh? Get it? Anyone? 6.) The music, in typical Bungie fashion, changes and works with the scene according to the mood. This makes it feel more dynamic and feel more official. I honestly feel that it makes Halo 4 feel better, though fans of Halo 4's minimal and quieter approach to music (and fans of Halo 4's soundtrack in general) will disagree, but this isn't for them. This is for the Bungie and Martin O'Donnell fans who've been with Halo from the beginning, and Bungie always had music roaring loud and clear. 7.) 1080p 60 fps was a decision I made after using the Xbox 360 version cutscenes and actually being really satisfied with the edit, that I had to continue polishing and making the edit as high quality and official feeling as possible. Here's the initial edit I made before this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQiQVEizizo (Less polished - only herefor archiving purposes)
  7. Halo 4 with Marty's music? It's more likely than you think:

  8. How long was I out? Four years. Seven months. Ten days.

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  9. It's an excellent update. The game already worked for me before, but was extremely inconsistent in its performance. This update makes it feel like how it should've been like to begin with, at release. It's still not perfect, but it's definitely excellent now. The problem now? The community. I've entered far too many matches where a player or two would go afk for an entire game. I've also had 4v1 matches, thanks to constant quitters, a Team Doubles match where my teammate consistently betrayed me (Thought it was free for all, I guess?), a team slayer match where the enemy camped, and my teammates charged (stop charging mindlessly already)... Why? It's an unbelievable new low for the community, and it's happened since MCC entered Game Pass. The last thing I mentioned is the usual thing with randoms, though. Nonetheless, on the technical aspect, 343 has done exceedingly well.
  10. Wait for Xenia to develop some more, then you can play Halo Reach on your PC. This is the furthest they've gone (With Halo 3):
  11. Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14r5P_bs8fldkQv9cmJApqDUjeEa_EeNG I would love to hear your feedback! Description: As official sounding as I could possibly make it. Utilizing various different Halo soundtracks, official stem mixes and ripped in-game audio, this is the cleanest Halo 3 Mjolnir Mix to date, complete with album art and a simple little video to accompany it. All credits to Martin O'Donnell and Steve Vai for creating the original mixes and recordings. This mix uses the following Halo tracks: - Halo 2 OST Mjolnir Mix (Guitar track, monks, fx, and strings) - Halo 2 OST Reclaimer (Guitar track) - Halo 3 OST One Final Effort - Halo 3 OST Greatest Journey - Halo 3 OST Three Gates - Halo 3 Main Menu Choir - Halo 3 In-game Warthog Run music The remix starts off patterned after the original Mjolnir Mix, with Halo 3's main theme following Halo 2's lead, but the mix switches it up at the end to follow the structure of One Final Effort's ending. At this point, Halo 2's guitar track then follows Halo 3's lead instead, for one final hurrah.
  12. Made a Halo MV using overused Blow Me Away:

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