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  1. I am just replying to some one on XBOX LIVE with the gamertag twostinkysocks or something around those lines i have been having some trouble with messages in the last teo days so i cant really tell you anything but i think you said something about you playing halo for years i didnt quite understand that so could you please reply to me on here. cheers.????
  2. I am having trouble unlocking the MP helmet (Milletary Police helmet). it sais to unlock it through halo waypoint but it has nothing there about the MP helmet. please leave a coment on how to unlock that helmet :)
  3. you cannot contact Microsoft whatever the guy told you at the store where purchased is rong he should replace the disk for you
  4. HELL BREAKER 13 " Thank you fellow Halo gamers I am not sure if it was anyone on this site but I have just recently got some requests through messages for people wanting to check out the clan Snake Poison. But I have just set another way for people to request to join the clan by Ipad. Anyone who has an Ipad can message me in the messages app, When you enter the messages app put in the email address: tim.liam99@gmail.com. anyways thanks a lot to the people that have joined the clan and I will be online sometime tomorrow. :)
  5. Snake poison is a new clan looking for members that are loyal and respectful. There are no Armor restrictions but there are rank restrictions, The rank must be warant offica grade two the clan service tag is SNAK. This clan is running in Halo Reach and Halo 4. If you want to join this clan please do not reply here look up the gamer tag HELL BREAKER 13 and request to join the clan by Message. ????
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