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  1. well arby dose " I call him friend " of some thing on that line so maybe not BFFs but on the beginning of halo 2 ann I really screwed that one up sorry point is in halo 2 arbiter says " I even called him friend "
  2. I got a problem for you. in halo nightfall they have a HAVOC nuclear device which is 30 mgt. but they say it will wipe out 100km my question is will it wipe out 100km and if not how much and the yield
  3. It is a bit better if you really like halo then you should get it if not then wait there are a few bugs that need to be worked out
  4. I think with next gen it will be easer to do maybe not on forge world but have a map made for firefight
  5. I think that is way to expected. I think if not in 5 in the 7th because people have been predicting that sense halo 3. I hope the Chief dose not die he has a long life ahead giving the days Tec. I think 343 will make it a surprise or not expected .
  6. I think it would be awesome to see a space battle. you could do games like invasion and slayer easy.
  7. Most of the time you cant get the players you need on a map so why not have AI's to shoot
  8. in Spartan ops they talk about him still being alive it is 100% that he is
  9. I'm thinking that lock is the replacement for chief
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