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  1. Nahh we dat lone wolf ****, but you're welcome to join. Making this clan reborn
  2. Hey there, some might know me, some might not.. I've taken a break from the forums recently, but with the soon to release Halo 4, I'M BACK! Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. I'll try to be as active as possible, but with school/life and all, it might be rough. Soo yeah now I gotta pee soo..
  3. Epic gangnam style (y) Also, I remember you! Welcome back! I've returned from a long break as well.. In fact.... *goes off to post a topic*
  4. Bumping the thread, any new comers?
  5. I might go, depends if I'm here, if I remember, if I'm interested in Minecraft at the time. Well if I go, see you ppl there! GT: xSxCx0xPx3x
  6. k...? So?? Sorry I havent posted here in a while..
  7. Its definitely coming out in my opinion.. Well, it better! >:0
  8. Thanks Anarchy, hey if you would like, challenge us on our seperate thread
  9. The Prophet of Greed. Wants all power, wealth (etc.) to himself
  10. Will this continue since Donut isn't online anymore?
  11. I totally forgot that it decreased rank.. Well, I said this somewhere on the forum already , but yeah I would like to keep the Halo 3 ranking WITHOUT the decrease in rank. cR was such a great idea. I say that cR should be able to buy items but not level you up.
  12. I could see that really working out! It could stop some feuds with people arguing over BR/DMR too
  13. Never knew you, but WB!
  14. Ill try to be there, not entirely sure though xSxCx0xPx3x and NY time zone
  15. Well, you challenged my clan already. I'm just waiting on my friend's response you stalker
  16. Thumbstick - Normal Button Layout - Recon Look Sensitivity - 3 and up Invert - No Vibration - Yes
  17. I would but gotta support my mom at microsoft
  18. If your looking for a challenge, challenge Defender 7. Be our first victim
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