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  1. Thanks for the news, I had a blast playing Crysis 2, never got into the first one though. The game as expected looks beautiful so far. I am very intrigued about the bow but i'll wait to pass judgement until I get a chance to try it out. Now hopefully after this Crytek can start working on the new Timesplitters
  2. Been psyched on Trials Evolution for quite a while, the first one was one of the most fun and frustrating games. Hopefully it delivers the goods.
  3. Mister Would You Please Help My Pony - Ween
  4. From out of Nowhere - Faith No More
  5. Wow, this couldn't have been explained any better, I fully support bringing this community (not just this site) back to the glory that drew us together in the first place......Halo!
  6. Troll 2 it's quite possibly the worst movie ever, it's labeled as horror but it's really a comedy. One of those so bad its good movies
  7. Congrats Bobo Love that screenshot, pimp my mongoose
  8. AgentLoFi

    Halo: CEA

    I'd say it's worth a buy just for the ability to switch between old and new graphics in game.
  9. Fight the Power - Public Enemy
  10. Congratulations Director I'd try to say something funny but it would be Rated M lol
  11. Tough choice but I would have to go with Johnny Bravo. He had some of the funniest pick up lines. One of my personal favs from him "Hey baby, you stink pretty"
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