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  1. So the above question: "With MCC PC on the Horizen which game are you most looking forward to?". Having played a little Halo online/ El...Something. I have to admit the idea of playing full Halo 3 on PC is definately something to look forward to. Which game are you most looking forward to experiencing on PC?
  2. OMG It's you! You're awesome!
  3. Correct I think, I think I have been online in 2013 though, :/ Meh. Thank You!
  4. Call me whatever you like. I say call him Caboose if you want to. I just come here for that chat and the news, I still use this name so people I use to talk to recognise me, plus Caboose is awesome. But I'm sure Ace is mature and wont start any conflict over a name on a forum.
  5. This. What do you think of this? Good? Bad? Pointless? Fake? Article. (If this is the wrong area, I do apologise.).
  6. This would be great, the reward could be a flaming helmet!
  7. Lol Caboose is just a username, lets leave it at that. Thanks all! The real Caboose is over on the Red vs Blue website.
  8. You probably guessed wrong because it's me! It's been a long time! Lol
  9. Caboose

    Hey Guys

    Welcome You have just been offered lots of help above so it looks like your all sorted. Have fun or whatever people do on the internet these days
  10. No people play like BOSSES when they want chocolate
  11. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ad don't go We had our ups and downs but you were always a good friend. I am sad to see you go. It wont be the same without you. You will be missed.
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