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Status Updates posted by Jack Of Harts

  1. The worst thing about the site now, is that we no longer have that awesome 404 page.

  2. We need another Sight Pole!

    1. Maestro


      They only come once a year.

    2. Jack Of Harts
    3. Ranger Intel

      Ranger Intel

      I occasionally come back to see how my legacy was continued, but unfortunately it appears things went really downhill after I retired from the poll. XD Unfortunately my passion for Halo is still not present, as has been for the past year and a half, but if it does ever return you can be sure you'll see me popping those polls out every week again.

  3. You're a wizard, Harry.

    1. Vitamin Pwn

      Vitamin Pwn

      You’re a Jedi, Frodo

    2. Maestro


      But I'm just Harry!

    3. Jack Of Harts

      Jack Of Harts

      Well, "Just Harry" you are a wizard!

  4. If I punch myself and it hurts, does that make me strong or weak?

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    2. Vitamin Pwn

      Vitamin Pwn

      on the other hand if you dont hurt yourself you're weak because you lack the strength to hurt yourself.

    3. Spyro
    4. joshyzburton
  5. Another trip around the sun, yay.

  6. Nostalgic name change, because why not?

    1. Mr Kittens and Gibberish

      Mr Kittens and Gibberish

      Nostalgia at it's finest! *thumbs up*

  7. You are not reading this.

    1. I_Make_Big_Boom


      I am not replying to you.

    2. Maestro


      Yer a wizard, Harry

  8. One day I want to copy and paste someone's status word for word, to see if they notice.

  9. A friend and I are writing our ridiculously stupid ideas for a Halo game concept. Interested? Post below and I'll link you to our Google Drive document. WARNING: Very NSFW.

    1. RedStarRocket91


      Sure, send me a PM!

    2. Spyro


      I'm down for random stuff at all times.

    3. Caboose The Ace

      Caboose The Ace

      Send me a Pm Jacko. I'm up for reading your rabble.

  10. I don't need a weapon... I need an Xbox!

  11. If Apple were in charge of the years, this year would probably be 2015S

    1. Composite Armour

      Composite Armour

      If they were in charge of years you'd have to pay 800 smackers just to see 2015 change to 2016.

    2. Wam


      You've run out of year time! Please wait 52 million hours to reach the next one. Or pay $900 for instant access!

    3. Filch_Is_A_Hax0r
  12. http://experience-halo-5-guardians.xbox.com/ Grab yourself a free weapon skin by watching all the videos on this site!
    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Yoshi1176


      Only about 3 months late but okay

    3. Jack Of Harts

      Jack Of Harts

      @Yoshi It's still active. @Axilus Vengeance AR skin.

    4. Axilus Prime

      Axilus Prime

      It's a pretty decent skin. Thanks. I took it.

  13. Happy birthday, pls dont ban me k?

  14. It's no longer Microsoft, it's Mike Crow Soft.

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    2. Jack Of Harts

      Jack Of Harts

      Ell Jee makes good Anne Droid phones. So does Haytch Tea Sea.

    3. Just_A_Druid


      No key ah i heard makes them tougher than rocks


    4. Jack Of Harts

      Jack Of Harts

      I will agree, they are much better than App Pull phones.

  15. Things.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jack Of Harts

      Jack Of Harts

      And those things and stuffs

    3. JoeStone42



    4. Jack Of Harts

      Jack Of Harts

      Whoa, now you're going too far!

  16. Capcrumb presents: Bread Ryesing 3!

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    2. Wam


      We all know RYE-n A-REVAN was a RINSE-ide RAW-b.

    3. Delpen9


      That price dough.

    4. Guts


      The yeast you can do is try it

  17. #TearDownBingieStudios

  18. Fishy/Crash Bandicoot seems to love anyone who makes a Status update...

  19. Claymores, and any other similar auto-detonating explosive in video games... Gotta love them!

    1. Unease Peanut

      Unease Peanut

      Because why put effort into a kill when you can just place something down that will do it for you right?

    2. Jack Of Harts

      Jack Of Harts

      Tell me about it, "Red".

  20. Happy birthday, Tommy!

    1. Tommy


      Thank you Jack! I appreciate it!

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