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  1. For me, I tink it would be the chance I had gotten to make new friends within destiny. I had always been doing the new raid with randoms, but four of those people had stuck with me after my horrid 90 kbps internet and we had been keeping a good friendship after that playing destiny and stuff. It was actually nice to be a part of a community even with being socially awkward.
  2. Y'know we really don't need another person complaining about Halo 5, there are enough of them as is. We are just a simple community forum and not 343i itself.
  3. Welcome back to the forums Maggie
  4. Request What I want: Something free and fun to play Platform: PS3 What I like: Basically anything
  5. Junior jumble because they are too easy Would you rather do a complete genocide run of undertale or complete the pacifist run and watch everyone die at the end.
  6. How about shovel knight. That game is pretty funa dn has the pixelated nostalgic feeling without it even being old.
  7. I think this would be a pretty good idea, but since I haven't experienced Halo 5...
  8. Is do a deer, a female deer? Is ray, a drop of golden sun? Is mi, a name I call myself? Is fa, a long long way to run? Is sol, a needle pulling thread? Is la, a note that follows sol? Is ti, a drink with jam and bread? Does that bring us back to do?
  9. Welcome back Self Destruct! Good to have you giving us our newses's
  10. Name: Sly Cooper and the Thevius Raccoonus Platforms: PS2, PS3 Genre: Platform, Stealth Brief Description: You are an orphan raccoon man who has a thieving heritage. A gang called the fiendish five have stolen your prized family book, The Thevius Racconus, and you have to get it back by using your thieving senses and moves you learn from recovered pages of the book. Similar games: Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, and Sly 4: Thieves in Time
  11. Super Mario 3D land because Maaaaaaaarrrrrrio. its Mario but 3D also you have a 3DS?
  12. Y'know what... Who needs games with stories that people complain about! (sits in corner playing atari)
  13. I would be fish man and make fish friends... Would you people rather be friends with Sans or papyrus
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