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    totally am a druid.
  1. after thinking it over-- i dont want the controller anymore, It wouldnt be used much if i ended up gettting it anyways, cheers :3
  2. Could i claim maestros controller or would that be greedy? D:
  3. With the sweet game releases for the next gen consoles such as Ps4 and Xbox One, it has made me realize how far games and these consoles have really come. I mean there are some real retro classics out there that revolutionized the gaming industy. I may have missed out on the original hype for those good ol consoles/games, but when my first game system I played was the Gameboy Advance SP- Crash Bandicoot! Although that was my introduction, I quickly fell in love with Mario 64 on the N64. With that being said what did you start your video game career on? Favourite game? Favourite console? Cheers guys! -Druid
  4. True that, but I have not started using the Forum since about 2 and a half weeks ago :3
  5. okay, well Whom shall i ask for some help with le name change?
  6. I'm also out of name changes, yet I have no clue what to change my name to, soo any suggestions are welcome :3 already thought of like Count_Druid but yeah suggestions!
  7. O.O I promise no druid mnd tricks were used to compromise their decisions! But like wow- I'm honoured :3 I guess I fall under the "new blood" category, and I will try my hardest to keep up the good behaviour in the forums But Id like to thank EVERYONE ive met in the shoutbox for making me feel welcome, and making me want to stay on the forums Cheers guys!
  8. 3394-4692-0804 that would be mine :3, old thread I know but incase anyone wanted to add me as well! Cheers guys!
  9. I must admit, I love my PS4, it is awesome, but because of you guys here at the forum, I really want an Xbox one so I can join in! That being said it is always up to your personal preference, what console are you going to get the most enjoyment out of? Cheers!
  10. Ok guys, my two week trial is up, and I don’t have the money to continue this membership, so I would love to thank you guys for making me feel really welcome here, been a great journey, and now the truth about if I am really a druid or not, well the thing is I ... wait- it's free? Okay, well *tosses speech away*, I've been on for about 2 weeks now, give or take, and I just wanted to say that this place is outstanding! Even more so because I have always had trouble fitting in, (whether it was school, or social outings) but it is amazing how you guys welcomed me, into the community! In the last few days I've been having this crazy urge to become a bigger part of this forum, so I've decided that I am going to spend less time in the shout box, and more time making posts; don't worry as I will try my best to make them w...w....wprtZzzzZzzzzZZzzz... OH uh, worth the read and you have my seal of approval! So that being said, I should end this here before you guys fall asleep, I’m sure I've rambled on long enough! Cheers guys, and thanks for being 110% awesome!
  11. Just_A_Druid


    Amiibos. Evil creations put out in limited quantities by our friends at Nintendo. IF you HAVEN'T bought one yet- dont becuase you and your wallet just go on a downward spiral from the first one- becuase you can't just have one- you need like all of them. I myself was like "oh man that would be an awesome figure to have event though I do not even own a wii u lol. 10 amiibos later at about 13.99 a piece is a broke university student(me) lol! I have to admit that they are cool, and even though they don't add much to Smash Bros or well any games that they are compatible with... in the end I wish I hadn't bought any, not even one- ok maybe not Charizard.. anyways what are your guys's thoughts on Amiibos? Do you think they will ever die down??! Hahah cheers guys!
  12. Personally I love this game! I started with animal crossing on the game cube, and from then on in was absolutely mind blown that the days would progress with the days in real life (again i was pretty little as it was my bros gamecube and game). I'm glad to see how far it has come and along with progress- the many different strategies that could be used to make money, i.e sell the fossils instead of donating them or you know rippping your friend off of all their fruit and selling them at a high price back home lol. I do believe that AC has gotten well less credit than it deserves- but thats just my honest opinion haha cheers!
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