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  1. I think without it the prophets would have fired the rings but the wildcard is the events in Ghosts of Onyx. They entered the dyson sphere and found all that forerunner tech. Maybe they could have used in a dire scenario. With the help of the engineers(hurogok) in the dyson sphere the might have been able to activate a forerunner ship. I think earth would have perished by then.
  2. People are split on the story but I think it had the right content but not execution. The gameplay is the best in the series in my opinion. It has open and immersive levels with great combat variety. You could argue reach has better gameplay and halo 4 has the best story. Still, the heavy enemies, gun balance, weapon sounds, good acting/mocap, incredible visuals(despite some low rez textures). Everyone loves the Mp but I honestly think the campaign is the best. It was also our first glimpse of sangheilios in a game.
  3. Hello, I am a longtime halo fan who likes both bungie and 343 but I personally prefer the 343 artstyle. I can see that his forum does not need Chemo therapy like Halowaypoint. We can actually discuss halo.
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