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  1. Elites, I love Sangheli culture and technology so much. I love their ranking system, their military structure, their weaponry, everything. By far the coolest race in Halo, aside from obviously the Forerunners
  2. Halo 2 is the best, with Halo CE and Halo 3 ODST being tied second, Halo 3 3rd, and Halo 4 4th
  3. I would want the game to be a complete and full experience even without DLC. DLC are what they should be, expansions that completely reinvigorate the game, but aren't entirely needed, unless you think a new map or given costume set in it is cool. I just fear they won't do that, and they will make the DLC map packs mandatory for basic functions and game-modes in the game.
  4. Technically Halo has already had a horde mode (Infection and Firefight) But I agree. I think the best option is if they make the REQ system entirely based off credits from in-game playing ALA Reach (Which would promote skill and ability), and the actually money comes from map packs with entirely original and unique maps (And I mean original and unique, if these maps are simply reskins or uninspired, shame on 343i)
  5. Also, it comes with a comic written by Karen Traviss where the Arbiter and Half-Jaw die an unceremonious death by Promethean Crawlers
  6. Either one of the books in FPS form Turning Halo Zero into proper FPS form (I would love that) Or Halo: Harvest
  7. I would want to see more vehicle diversity. Perhaps we have the standard jack-of-all-trades Covenant Vehicles, the Swords of Sanghelios can have their own variants of vehicles that are more "practical" but still have an elegant and powerful design, and then have the ultra-tanky and powerful Banished Vehicles.
  8. Halo 2's development is fascinating in my opinion. Imagine if the game had all the content in development? The game probably would have been considered the best Halo game without argument. Also, I think Halo 6 should have more "set-pieces" and exploration time. One thing that I hated about Halo 5 is how it's just you going through gauntlets of enemies without any time to take in the scenery (Which itself is very bland and lifeless in Halo 5). It never had a breather, and never let you explore the world of Halo. It feels forced. The only aspect unlike this was 031 Exuberant Witness, who is probably one of the few redeeming things in Halo 5. The only other things I like are the canonical upgrades of some vehicles, like the Scorpion (now it has a 150mm cannon and moves 100 km/hr) and the Banshee.
  9. Halo 3 ODST did it pretty well, and Halo Reach only suffered from its.... A.I problems I would agree everything Halo 5 did was a screwup. I am writing ideas atm, and one thing Halo 6 needs is properly fleshing out the characters shown in Halo 5. The damage has been done, we can't simply retcon Halo 5, only damage control.
  10. I don't want go on the Halo 5 hate bandwagon, but I really think it was released in such a way that there is not enough faith or hype for Halo. If Halo 6 goes to the levels of Halo 3 hype, and is actually what it was said, I think the community would resurge. However, that depends on if Halo 6 is actually that ambitious or good.
  11. What genre of music, band, or specific song do you like? For me, its symphonic metal, like Nightwish or Epica.
  12. For me, its Dragon Quest V, deepest and heaviest game in an already classic JRPG series.
  13. What additions to Halo 6's campaign would be cool to you? It can be anything from plot points, characters, or the music, or the environment. How would you want it to be like? The only real big idea I had was it is split between 3 teams: Blue Team, Osiris, and The Swords of Sanghelios. That team has Thel 'Vadam, Rtas 'Vadum, Makhee 'Chava, and Tul 'Juran.
  14. Not really since Locke is still a human and he does not start with covenant weapons or have default active camo I thought it was cool, I really liked the first two Arbiter level's atmosphere, the sword, and active camo. Halo 2 was my first game ever though so I really was not that surprised though.
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