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Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y

(The 0 is a number and not a letter)


Map Name: Ice Cream Men

Gamemode: Grifball


Minimum Players: ​8 Players

Maximum Players: 12 Players


​Description of the Map:

​​Ice Cream Men, two factories split by road, a conflict ever lasting and a bomb. Get ready for some serious fun.


Ice Cream Men plays with the base Grifball gamemode, this doesn't mean it plays like a base Grifball map.

​Ice Cream Men is different. Elevation for line of sight, Warthogs to provide faster gameplay, Gravity Lifts that can sling people halfway across the map towards the ball spawn. Just a few differences that make Ice Cream Men unique to any other Grifball map.


Pictures of the Map:












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Not sure if this should be considered a minigame or not due to its distance from the basic Grifball variant. Looks very creative but the Warthog has me curious.  

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Not sure if this should Best considered a minigame or not due to its distance from the basic Grifball variant. Looks very creative but the Warthog has me curious.


I wasn't to sure whether to consider this a Minigames either, it plays well with the base matchmaking grifball and I would love to see it in matchmaking but the vehicles and general size of the map separates it from other grifball maps which I believe gives it that Minigame feeling.

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