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Join us at midnight (12AM EST) on October 27th for the Halo 5: Guardians Premiere Event. Just as I did with the Master Chief Collection, I will be hosting the Event but this time I will be joined by a co-host and fellow Community Moderator DocO07! Doc and I will be streaming from the site's official Twitch account. We'll be playing the new Warzone and Breakout gametypes in matchmaking if we have enough participants. But if not, then we'll be gladly showing off part of the Campaign so it's a win/win for our viewers!

Official site Twitch stream: 343industriescommunity
Sign up to join Doc and I below!

(Please sign up with your gamertag OR send me/doc a message via XBL stating you want an invite to the event)





(Thanks to Drizzy_Dan for helping me write up this topic as well! :D )

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