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  1. That sounds like an awesome idea! If you're trying to get permission however, you would need to post something on Halowaypoint as we're a fan forum. Hope you get what you're looking for!
  2. I can't believe I never thought of that... I missed so many good games.
  3. I should be able to play... get off work early on Friday so... GT is RaptorUnbound
  4. I'll try to play... depends on soccer since dad is out of town and I'll be helping out with my younger siblings.
  5. Name: Nathan Griffen Type of soldier: Air Assault Weapon of choice: DMR Armor Ability: Thruster Pack Hair Color: Dark Brown Gender: Male Age: Mid 20s Personality: Quiet and yet sarcastic General Mood: Upbeat Combat Wounds: Plasma burns on chest Hobby: Music Social: In the middle
  6. I'd like to make a character but just out of curiosity... do you write the book and add characters in or are we supposed to do the part with the character we create?
  7. I really enjoyed playing Soul Caliber on the Sega Dreamcast.
  8. I've only played about half of the campaign so far but if you're playing multiplayer then I'd say just don't be afraid to use things like the AR, SMG, Magnum, Melee. From what I can tell so far they have done a really good job with weapon power and seem to have made them all usable once again. I even got a couple kills with the Plasma Pistol.
  9. I should have the Facebook award. Not sure if I need to verify it with you guys or what but... I liked it!
  10. Wow, that Xbox and Controller look amazing. Also, that is a very nice set up you have there. Looks really cool.
  11. RaptorUnbound

    GTA V

    Does anyone play this? Seems like I tried to see earlier but didn't really seem to get a huge response. Wouldn't mind playing with you if you play at all , on PC that is. Don't have it for Xbox.
  12. Wow man, that was really good. Had a nice sound and some good lyrics. Good job!
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