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  1. The Director is spot on. I think in the off chance that Halo Infinite becomes a revolutionary hit, the forum could see a change of pace. However I think that the entire forum (from top to bottom) would require a facelift. Remove forum sections that are unneeded, make it less crowded, and simplify the forum to direct traffic to a central location. tl;dr: If you simplify this place and give it a facelift, you could see a spark.... potentially. But my current opinion is the same as TD. Also: hi.
  2. Gg h6f. I'm sure you will do a fantastic job. 10/10 good choice.
  3. Halo 3. ♥ (Literally sitting here in my undies by myself eating waffles wishing I was playing Halo 3)
  4. Hey everyone! I am sure you have seen me floating around here and there, so I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on whats going on with my life. So since August I have moved across the United States, from Orlando, Florida to Portland, Oregon. I drove a 15 foot UHaul truck and car trailer across country over a 5 day span. I have been living in an old farmhouse with a crap ton of problems, ranging from frozen water pipes, a water pump with an electrical issue, a slightly clogged chimney (the whole house is heated from a wood stove) and a clogged sink/laundry drain. It has been one heck of an adventure since mid December up until now. I got a job at a local grocery store called Safeway, left that job for a position at another grocery store (wont state the name as it might ping them here), and now am about to step into the biggest adventure of my life. About a month and a half ago, I spoke to an Air Force recruiter about what it would take for me to join the military. She and I spoke for a while and after discussing things with my wife, we were in agreement that it would be a good thing for me to join the military. So I took the first step, I filled out the paperwork, I took the ASVAB, I did everything I was suppose to. The one thing holding me back was my weight. Last August I weighed 248lbs, I wasn't healthy... while I was able to get most of that weight off, I knew it would be tough for me to meet the weight requirement in case the medical examination measured my height shorter than I am. I am 5'9.5" and I knew if they rounded up I would be fine with my current weight, however if they rounded down, then I would have missed the mark. I worked my... tail off and went into the medical examination thinking my weight wasn't going to pass. I went through all the tests, I passed them all except for one. My heart rate. I was nervous the entire time, to the point where I couldn't get my heart rate down enough for them to take my blood pressure properly. The only thing I need to do now is to get my blood pressure taken a few times by a local Dr, and once it passes I will be able to submit the documents and swear in to the Air Force's Delayed Entry Program (DEP). Once I swear into the DEP, I will wait for my job and BMT ship out date. Oh, and as far as my weight - I now weigh 186lbs, which is the max someone at 5'9" can weigh to qualify for the Air Force. So in under 6 months I've lost 62lbs, gotten married, and (nearly) enlisted with the U.S. Air Force. Within the next week or so I'll post an update here with the results. That is basically what has been going on with me. I've been pretty busy lately. Love you guys! -John P.S. Here is the before and after pictures.
  5. M further right, and perhaps a font that looks like it is torn through the page?
  6. Nope. I was hoping the talented Jack of Harts could be creative with whatever he can find.
  7. I want you to be creative. I want a lime green tiger in a black forest. Silver/grey outline. I want the letter "M" on the right side but I want it to look like claw marks. 600x250 plz. Also, a matching avatar would be great too.
  8. STEP 1: If you double tap (A) spin your left analog stick clockwise while pulling the right trigger rapidly for 5 seconds, then restart your console. This can be tricky so you may want to do it twice just in case. DO NOT PROCEED UNLESS YOU HAVE DONE WHAT IS STATED ABOVE. STEP 2: While the console is restarting press and hold the (Y) button while pulling the right trigger. Your console should restart. After it restarts, you need to do a little bit of trickery to the console to make it work. STEP 3: You have to unplug your power brick from the back of your console to ensure that the network can no longer access the console. If you also have your console connected to a network cable, unplug that as well. STEP 4: Pour yourself a drink, (if under 21, a soda or water would suffice) sit back in your chair and admit to yourself that you were unwise in the choices that you made that led to this. If you really were console banned, you know exactly what you did and probably need to take some time away from your now unplugged and disconnected console. Did this help? If so, leave a comment or give us a call at: 1-800-SUC-KS4U
  9. Tacos and Tequila.... Crown if I am feeling up to it. I need to get into an apprenticeship (going to happen), i want to buy a better vehicle, and I am going to be working on finding a game that captures my attention for longer than two days. Next site poll: Tacos or Burritos?
  10. Oh right... I'm getting married.

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