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Who actually plays Pokemon?


Who Plays Pokemon?  

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  1. 1. Do you play Pokemon? If so pick all that apply.

    • Pokemon X or Y
    • Pokemon Black and White 2
    • Pokemon Black and White
    • Pokemon SoulSilver or HeartGold
    • Pokemon Pearl/Diamond/Platinum

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I have Pokemon; Diamond, Soul Silver, Black and Y.

Diamond is by far my favourite of the entire series since I put 1000 hours into the game, the most challenging Elite 4 for grass starters like me and without a doubt had the best Champion.

I do play Y now and again these days, trying to get my dreamteam up to lvl100; Froslass, Gengar, Garchomp, Gardevoir, Charizard and Scyther.

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I've been a major fan, ever since it was first announced in Japan. I played it since it first arrived and exploded in the states, and I've been playing ever since. I still watch the anime.


I own Pokemon Green (Japanese), Pokemon Red version, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, both Pokemon Ruby and sapphire, Pokemon Emerald, both Pokemon Fire red and Leafgreen, both Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon White, Pokemon White 2. I just got Pokemon Y. I will add all of you as friends once my team is complete, and I beat the game. Because I'm still debating whether or not to start a New Game once I finish this play through to try things differently... I can't wait for the chance to play with all of you! :)

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One thing I'll add is that I damn hope Nintendo make a Pokemon Z to finish the traditional 'trio' of the Pokemon games, and don't make it X/Y 2 like they did with Black/White 2. That was utter ridiculous.


Most certainly won't happen.



Have all of them. Play all of them. Still bust out Yellow version every now and then.


I actually like the Mystery Dungeon games more though.

The feels of those games! :'(


Rangers is fun too.

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The old games do count but this a thread for the ones that are WIFI integrated to play with other people. 

I realize that however the title of the thread and the poll only ask if you play Pokémon. Yet there is no option for the older games. It would be better if you amended it to state online Pokémon games or WIFI compatible games.



Also Red, Blue and yellow are the only true Pokémon games in my eyes. :P

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I'm a huge Pokemon fan! I own just about every game except for Green Version (JP) I like playing HeartGold brings back memories from when I was playing gold on my gameboy color, spending endless hours leveling up. I also have a huge Pokemon card collection too, even the rare cards from 1995.

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I don't really play Pokemon anymore as I do fiddle with the coding and break it... with actually some interesting results.

Click the spoiler buttons below for an adventure! (except not really :P)




I ran into []'M[], which can be encountered with the Missingno. glitch. I saw that it could be taught Fly, so I taught it Fly. And then I fed it a Rare Candy since it was at level 0, and it evolved into a Kangaskhan. I have a flying Kangaskhan named Aerokhan.





And this is what happens when you mess around with coding too much.


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I would love to know who plays Pokemon here at 343. Please answer the poll if you play one of these WIFI Pokemon games. 

Pokemon isn't really my sort of thing to be honest -reminds me of my  ex because she liked that sorta thing :/

Pokemon isn't really my sort of thing to be honest -reminds me of my too good to  be true ex. :/

but on a  more positive note ...Gotta catch dem all :3

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Own them all...play them all.


And I mean all...

Spin offs too...


Trozei, pinball, mystery dungeon, ranger, even the japanese versions of the mainstream games...

Bookshelves of all the different Manga series, even...dare I say it...some of the anime.


Yeah...you could say I'm a fan.

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