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OK so most of us except the N00Bs outhere can tell you the H4 gametype "flood" sucks, well why cant it come back better like this:

  • starts out with the player being a Infection form "little bug like popcorn things" then you latch yourself onto someone and they become an Infection form but you become a combat form "actual fighters" and you wield whatever weapon that player had as also with AA and Player species.
  • After being killed as a combat form there is a chance that depending on what kills you got you could turn into a stalker form (Halo 3 ones that climb walls), Ranged form (Halo 3 form that shoots needles at you from the wall), and very rarely a tank form (big hunter like ones in Halo 3)
  • flood base would either be gravemind or proto gravemind.
  • Can operate vehicles
  • flood announcer would be the gravemind
  • carrier forms are a "place" to spawn at if you are a infection form and you can operate them, by the way if you get stuck by a grenade, you explode entirely, and if shot by a rocket or fuel rod will just end you flying undead.
  • flood HUD would be all the same for each except the combat form who would have the previous user HUD but just with pestilence and flys in front.

Hope you like the ideas!

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Not some bad ideas i like the one with different form but it would be a bit hard and i think a bit non halo to be a tiny flood or the stalker or ranger, the brute yeah but the problem is u would need to keep the main, body shape (spartan/elite) then have difference forms for that, like a runner, really fast but takes 3 hits to kill someone, a spawned, this could be what we become on or first death it runs like a normal spartan and has the gun the player died with and lastly the bruiser, moves at 50% speed 100% when sprinting and kills anyone with a 1 hit ko, 2 for an over shield obviously There my ideas on that but i still think the should bring back infection it was awesome

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