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Found 4 results

  1. KhevaKins

    Halo TV Show

    Early days, to be sure, but what are everyone's feelings on the show so far? For context here are some links: Halo Showtime Facebook Halo Cast IMDB Latest Press Release Variety.com Little Bit Of Controversy Explained Screen Rant I guess I'll just go bullet point: Jacob And Miranda Keyes Why even have them in the show? Let alone to so fundamentally change the characters? And I am not (just) talking about the racial bending. "Gray will play Dr. Miranda Keyes, a brilliant UNSC Commander who is dedicated to understanding the technology, language and culture of the Covenant, but she’ll have to learn to navigate the politics of the UNSC to get what she wants." In the established canon Miranda is accept to Luna Officer Candidate School at age 16, graduates with honors then immediate requests active duty (because, you know, we are at war with the Covvies at this point). At what point in time would she of had time to go and get a Doctorate? There are programs where you can get a PHD while on active military duty, but at no point has it been mentioned that Miranda had one. "Sapani will play Captain Jacob Keyes, described a dedicated military man, a war hero and a caring father. He finds that working alongside his daughter and his ex-wife is usually the cause of conflict rather than comfort." Alongside daughter, ok, makes a little sense (maybe, but not really), but ex-wife? Jacob hadn't seen Halsey from years 2530 (ish) to 2552, 22 years. And then they were only together like a day. Halsey didn't see him again because he died on Halo. So how exactly does he work 'alongside' her? They are trying to somehow spin a story where in an galactic war for survival these three people are entwined? Jacob and Miranda have a good relationship but as far as I can tell they were both Bridge Crew on different ships in different fleets? Not a lot of opportunity for cooperation, at least not personally between them. Plus, they have been portrayed as African descent, which I don't really care about but why not just write two new characters? This portrayal seems to be completely different to anything established to the point where they are new characters, but then to change their race as well? For canon nerds it is definitely irritating. Makee "Murphy will play Makee, an orphaned human who was raised by the alien Covenant and shares their contempt for humanity" A new character written for the show. Is this a joke? Not only does it fundamentally undermine the entire goal of the Covenant Crusade (complete eradication), but it is pretty clique writing that has been done tonnes of time, and probably better. There are a few cases of humans and Covvies working together (Mona Lisa, The Rubble) but to be 'raised' by the Covvies? If this is the quality of writing for the show we can expect, we are gonna have a bad time. Side Notes If they don't have Steve Downes dubbing John-117's voice, then why even have the big MC in the show? Same kind of goes for Jen Taylor doing the voice, but I do think Natascha McElhone could be a cool mo-cap actor for Cortana, although I think Jen Taylor also would of been cool as I can envision both as her avatar. It would be cool if Natasha did Halsey, then Jen Taylor dubbed Cortana. Soren-066 played by Bokeem Woodbine could be cool, although if they are doing post augmentation (which they kind of have to), then Soren is all kinds of messed up? I guess they will go into what happens to him. Vannak-134 sounds lame. "serves as the defacto deputy to the Master Chief." What does that even mean? I get it couldn't be Fred yet, because he is still leading his own team, but Vannak? There are so many established S-IIs they could of used they wasted one of their spots on a sidekick for Chief? Put MF Jorge in as having served with MC before Noble Team. Would of been way cooler. Also, no casting for any Covvie characters as yet? Kind of disappointing. I honestly, and sincerely, hope the show will be good. Unfortunately Halo just hasn't got a good track record of having good video extended media (FUD, Legends, Nightfall, Fall of Reach). They have all fallen short of being satisfactory in almost any regard. They really need to have someone watching over the Extended Media as a whole and making sure everything lines up. They may not want to have to keep following the Canon from the 18 year old original books but Fall Of Reach (the book) continues to be one of the most popular of all the books, and is sold not only as add-on for the games but as just a very good sci-fi book in general.
  2. Check out the article Here!! I don't know if you guys saw this yet, but it seems that 343 and Microsoft are adding a new medium for Halo to invade - Film. I remember seeing something like this a few years ago, fellas like Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp (both franchise fans) considered producing a Halo film around 2005, but never actually got off the ground. I heard it was going to be about the fall of Reach, but I guess I will never know. Anyhow, thanks to the massive market success of Halo 4 (opinion of the game aside), it seems more likely than ever that we will see a Halo movie next to a Halo TV Series. A credible film production news host added an "untitled Halo film" to their list of films beginning production. To be directed by Ridley Scott and written by Paul Scheuring, this new project is probably the nearest thing to a legitimate Halo film we have seen thusfar. As of late, there are no clues to the plot, setting, or characters, much less if it will even make it to filming this time around. I think it will. I believe we will have a Halo film in our midst by 2016. What do you guys think? Read on if you want to know my suggestions for a good Halo film. JUST DO NOT MAKE THIS WARNING: PERSONAL OPINION The best advice I would have for Scheuring is to not make the game about the Master Chief. That may sound crazy to those not terribly versed in Halo lore, but the Master Chief is a character that was built in the books and expressed in the games. Why not feature him in a movie? I'm afraid a film would taint my image of the Master Chief (like Halo 4 did) that has been delicately developed for me through years of Halo games and novels (since the beginning in fact), and everyone knows that movies never compare to their novel counterparts. Take that Eragon movie that came out a while ago. That was hard to watch, but the books were really good. To make a good Halo film that would satisfy long-time Halo fans, Halo gurus (like myself), and noobs to the epic, make a whole new story and new characters with familiar Halo themes and settings, and make it fall satisfyingly within Halo lore without contradiction. It would be easy because very many authors have stuffed big stories into the universe without problem. I'm also open to a Fall of Reach movie, kinda as a tribute to Eric Nylund who basically built the Halo universe post CE. I'd like to know your opinions as well. Thanks for reading
  3. Hey everyone! ^^' I'm posting this here to start a little somethin or other :0 (A thread) This thread is basically just for fun, to show your face around here so everyone knows what you look like c: This thread isn't a very serious one, if you feel shy to show your face, then by all means post a joke picture or a fake one ^^' (Please lock or delete this thread seeing as there is already one like it)
  4. Here's the place you can come to show off your armor, tell us what you have for armor, or what you WANT. Just post all the armor pieces you use, and/or a photo of your Reach Spartan. It doesn't matter if you have dumb default stuff, or top of the line stuff. I just want to see what you guys have. Have fun looking at everyone else's armor posts too. I do not actually own an Xbox 360, so I can not have my own Armory selections, but this is what I would like... Helmet: Commando -Base type Right Shoulder: Commando Left Shoulder: FJ/Para Chest: Collar/Breacher Wrist: Assualt/Breacher Utilities: Tactical/ Hard Case Visor Color: Gold Knee Guards: FJ/ Para Armor Affects: Birthday Party Effect Firefight voice: John-117
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