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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, I'm to start by admitting I'm no expert on the Halo Universe, so if I make mistakes please don't tear me apart. I've never played Halo 2 (because it was released on my 10th birthday), however I've played through the Reach, Halo 3, Halo 4 and most of Combat Evolved campaigns. I also watch Forward Unto Dawn spent hours researching stuff on the Wiki etc. before the release of Halo 4. Anyway to the point of my post. Firstly, I just don't think 343 could kill off Cortana, I mean what they've done with Halo 4 is absolutely incredible, they've made a game have such a deep and emotional storyline, I can honestly say no other game I've ever played has never had such an effect on my emotions. They built up the characters of Cortana and Chief up to a new level in this game and by therefore seemingly "killing Cortana" engaged everyone more deeply in the storyline and that obviously benefits them. However as they've shown by what they've done with this game, they understand us and they know it would be fatal if they have killed off Cortana. Also they chose to leave Cortana's "death" open, with many possible explanations as to how she could have survived which if they were actually going to kill her, they'd of probably eradicated to make it more dramatic. I'd also like to say that if 343 haven't killed her, from what I've seen of them, it'll be in an incredibly odd and imaginative way. Finally I'd like to conclude by saying the one reason I am reasonably certain they won't have killed her is because of when Cortana says, "don't make a girl a promise you can't keep", which every time I see makes me want to cry . But Chief's a Spartan, and Spartans, Greek or modern don't break promises. Oh and really finally this time, if they killed off Cortana completely then they'd have a bloody hard time trying to make Chief seem human (which I'm assuming was what they were doing). Cause lets face it, there was something between the Chief and Cortana that was making both of them more human and killing one would turn the other one back more machine than they begun. Anyone else agree/think differently?
  2. Okay this is just another theory about Cortana's survival, however this time related to Spartan Ops. In the campaign it seems unlikely that the librarian, who had made such accurate predictions regarding the outcome of the Chief would let Cortana "die". So similar to other theories it's very possible that the librarian either copied her when they met, or made some modification that would save her. There are many modifications she could have made, but if you notice when Cortana's terminal is destroyed, a similar data field. To that knights etc leave when killed. So maybe this data field was then uploaded to some forerunner digital world and that's were Cortana is now. You may now be wondering how this links to Spartan Ops, well so far those who have played through them will have noticed that many humans have been sucked into what could easily be a 'digital world'. Now if then look at the Halo 4 achievements, there are two back to back achievements for Episode 4 - Chapter 5 and Episode 5 -chapter 1. Now this is only a couple of weeks away so it would be early, but maybe there'll be further clues there? Anyway that's just my theory, please add your own and feel free to pick apart mine
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