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  1. gota love swat and let the war between dmr and br begin.
  2. campaign with my buds followed by war games till my head explodes then after my Halo hangover I play spartan ops.
  3. AMEN man amen I can agree with you completely and if Halo 4 doesn't win game of the year I will be shocked.
  4. Halo 4 should be like Halo 4 not like 3 or Reach.
  5. Are you really asking that... I can't comprehend why it has never and will never be on ps3.
  6. i'll have to side with the AR but I will probably take a look into the Suppressor.
  7. the reach LE was not excluesive you could by it like 3 months after the release.
  8. thanks i'm sure i'll be fighting along side you in the future.
  9. Hello everyone I'm here to represent my clan ECHO all you half to do to join is to be respectful to your fellow members and other halo gamers unless he deserves it we game for fun but also for the competition I really don't care if your good or not but you must give your all in each game. If you wish to join leave a comment or send a message to joda6642 on Xbox live. our ranking system is a bit unorthodox so i'll explain to those who wish to join.
  10. From what I have herd the mantis only seems over powered when you don't no how to counter it but when you know how to counter it can be taken out with relative ease. and another thing I don't care on your point on weather it is op or not a legit tee bagging vehicle is awesome.
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