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  1. I'm looking for either doubles partners or just two people who like to play together to skrimmage and run setups/strategies with me and my friend in customs. We just started playing together so we are still just an intermediate team but any help would be appreciated.
  2. For the people who really ant to get this done we really need to get the word out about it. Have all your friends post on this forum page tell them to get their friends to as well. If we get enough posts, likes and good reviews on here about this then 343 might just do it.
  3. I'm not sure what you guys (and girls) might think about this but I believe they should actually use the flood to play in the infection gametype. Not computers playing against players of course but actual players playing as the flood. Also in fire fight they should use the flood to play against you. But I believe the infection idea is actually a very good one. If you beleive so to then just try your best to get the word out about it in the forums and online. We could help shape halo 4's future gameplay XD
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