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Found 10 results

  1. Made with layers of cardboard and screws. Wanted to add my own spin to it.
  2. The introduction of sprint into Halo has been one of the most controversial changes to the franchise. Many are in favor of removing it, while others think it is/can be beneficial to gameplay. Personally, I'm not a fan of sprint in Halo, but I do see potential for a somewhat similar mechanic. Those of you who have played Counter Strike probably know that some weapons (the knife, for instance) allow faster movement speed. This mechanic works well for the game, giving players the option to sacrifice superior firepower for speed to get to locations more quickly, but without rendering them completely vulnerable when doing so. My idea is that, similarly to CS's mechanic, players gain a small speed boost (maybe 5-10%, but would require play-testing) when wielding the Magnum (and maybe similar weapons like the SMG). This would give these sidearms more purpose without making their kill-times "unrealistically" competitive with those of "primary" rifles like the BR and AR, respectively. With the Magnum rebalanced to have a similar kill-time to the BR and allow faster movement, offset by the smaller magazine size and less effectiveness/ease-of-use at longer ranges (perhaps through a shorter red reticle range), it could have a greater purpose than merely a "secondary" or "backup" weapon that players wouldn't give a second thought about trading out. What do you think? Could this mechanic be beneficial for Halo? Are there aspects of it you would change? If you don't like the idea, leave a comment discussing why.
  3. TDM

    The Magnum

    From the album: Halo 4 Screenshots

    "Sergeant Sweeny" shows off the Magnum, Dont aim at yourself kids! What would you rather have? A bullet in your enemy? Or in your brain?

    © The Dumb Marine -TDM

  4. All right, "Elite" said my poll was one-sided, so I'll remove my influential opinions (lol) and make some unbiased, boring points. There are many options for Halo 5's Magnum. Each iteration throughout the saga has had its perks and flaws. In CE, the "Pistol" was great--a lightning-fast three-shot kill with 2x zoom, deadly accuracy, and a high skill-curve. Its two major flaws in my opinion were that it had a large clip (12 bullets, I believe), which forgave errant shooting, and it dominated all other non-power weapons, leading to sometimes monotonous--yet consistent--matches. In Halo 2, it was christened "Magnum" and received some new features. It was a five-shot kill and the first iteration to have an eight-bullet clip. These nerfs were added to balance out dual wielding, which brought some epic combos to the game (Pea-shooter/Magnum, SMG/Plasma Rifle). While it was rewarding to use, its kill time still made it a clear secondary to the Battle Rifle. In Halo 3 the Magnum did not change much. The Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle clearly outshone it in many respects; it was used mainly for cleaning up headshots when the primary weapon of choice ran out of ammo. It also didn't have a scope, as I recall. In Halo 3: ODST, the Magnum underwent a dramatic change. It became silenced and was pretty much useless against the Brutes; however, its scoped ability remained highly effect against Jackals and Grunts (yayyyy!!!). In Reach, the Magnum was either a 5sk or 6sk, but it shot much faster. To compensate for this, bloom was added to prevent spamming. It remained an effective weapon; in te beginning of the game, the bloom reset faster than that of the DMR. In Halo 4, the bloom remains and the Magnum is a six-shot kill. It is actually surprisingly effective--if you can manage the bloom. Firing faster makes for random outcomes, so pacing is key. Some say that a six-shot kill is not rewarding for the skill it takes to deal with bloom, or because the primary weapons are now buffed (#Halo4Turbo). Its damage was increased to promote teamshooting, but it remains a 6sk. 343i now however have the ability to tweak it with ease, so opinions on its transformation are welcome. Which Magnum was the best? the worst? Do you think there should be different variants for multiplayer and campaign (stealth levels) or should it be consistent throughout both faculties? Leave your thoughts below; I'll reset the poll questions so they are less biased and so I can recollect the information after writing this lengthy post.
  5. I decided to make a video comparing the different stats and spread of the secondary weapon. If you want, you can check it out here:
  6. So guys, what weapon will be your primary? What'll be your secondary? How bought your grenades? I mean come on everyone likes the boom! Your Armor ability? Your Support upgrade? And finally Your tactical package? Link to Armor Ablities, Support Upgrades, and Tactical Package. http://www.ign.com/videos/2012/09/21/halo-4-armor-abilities-walkthrough Link to Weapons and grenades And some helmets thrown in there because im nice!
  7. New to Halo 4 CTF (Capture the Flag) there is a unique weapon...the flagnum! This spectacular combination of UNSC developement and in-the-field implementation results in...the amazing ability to dual wield both a flag and a weapon, specifically the .45 magnum! If you break down the words to the root, and then combine them (scientifically of course), you get [flag-num (flag derived from flag, num derived from mag-NUM)]...THE FLAGNUM!!! Bringing you the latest Halo 4 news live from Carolina's (cramped) memory unit; -Church *Note In all seriousness, while this is really a feature of Halo 4, this was meant as a joke and should be treated as such. And in all seriousness, this is seriously funny!
  8. I recently decided to play Halo Reach Infected. I was expecting to have a really good time on maps like caged, swordbase, and others,but no I guess its been a while since i played but infected is not fun anymore! I hate the new maps with blocked off areas like uncaged. I miss the old cage where we could stand on top of the base and get multikills. Ghost zombies is also not fun at all. You move to slowly and it's to hard to kill the enemies. Some told me that infected was changed because the "humans" had a bigger "advantage". Ok cage did give them one but it was a lot of fun for most people. There are also some of the new maps that give the humans more advantage and ghost zombies also gives them an advantage. Please 343 bring back the old infected maps and get rid of the new ones and Ghost Zombies
  9. From the album: Some Halo pics

    A colored ODST and with a knife attached along with a magnum.

    © DanteXO1

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