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  1. Hey at least xbox support is getting us new members!
  2. I've seen a few gameplay trailers and the atmosphere for the game just doesn't seem right yet. There's something about only seeing a handful of soldiers across a vast battlefield during a WWI setting that just doesn't feel right.
  3. It still seems like a bit of a money grab to me. It wouldn't surprise me if MS had this console up their sleeves all along, and created the first xbox one with the intention of being replaced as soon as a newer gen of the xbone was in the midst, due to unnecessary chunkiness, clunkiness and a major lack in space. well thought out MS. You're almost as sinister as Apple; but not quite there yet.
  4. The first option for sure. would you rather have wheels for feet, or wings for hands?
  5. Get charged. Would you rather be colourblind or have no sense of taste?
  6. Welcome mate! cya in the shoutbox or on the battlefield!
  7. A reboot of all the Fallouts previous to 3 would be interesting, like maybe a remastered version or something.
  8. Welcome to this glorious part of the internets. Add us on XBL if you're up for a few casual games.
  9. Each to their own I guess. I don't like replaying game campaigns that I've invested many hours in previously just to reinvest those hours; such as Skyrim. Its exciting that Fallout is releasing little bits and pieces of DLC however no real content such as missions (besides far harbour) has been thrown in, so I'll probably only play it for 30 minutes tops and get bored. Their mobile app 'Fallout Shelter' is getting a massive update too which you can play it on PC and follow your dwellers out into the wasteland. Thats pretty awesome considering its a free app.
  10. Welcome to the site mate. A cross-gaming plot does sound fun indeed. Be sure to keep us posted.
  11. Did you guys see all that new Fallout content?! You can build your own god damn vault! Not to mention the newly added workshop stuff such as a sorting machine; Now I can finally sort out my ever growing collection of canned foods. woot.
  12. Hey man, welcome to the forums
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