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    I don't know how but im good at fining bug's that gaming tester's never fine I fined more bug's and ***'s in game then any 1 im lade back but if you say im lieing ween im not ill mack your lift hell .

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  1. i keep getting lost connetson for the last two days i called bight huose they side it not on my end and my wepon's the new lesondary beriftle is now showing up in the consumble's the are 3 new halo 2 benriftle's and i cant onlt see two and iv bine losting connetson ween im pluged in with wiyerd iv never hade problom's with my connetson befor i have 175 gb per seekon with down lond speed of 25 gb per seaon .
  2. i stayed up 1 hole night too beet the last mishon's i need it for leshondary i have picher's on this 343 ozarkfox were it say's i beet the last 1 on lesondary right befor the saver's went down then i lost the last few mishon beet's on lesondary i beet the last 1 i need it and then few socone's latter saver's went down and klost the last 3 mishon's i did on lesondary on solo ireport this to xbox live call center 343 they side only you can give me back what i lost befor your saver's went down that mroning i beet the last of them i need it then i lost it do to your saver's down matnest . i have pcher sowing i beet the last mison on lesondary but did not get the content but that is same for the other mishon's i did that night i di not get the content for the last of the one's i did on lesondary back to back i want my content i beet them all on lersondary but ween your saver's went down it took them from me right after i beet the last 1 the saver's went down and lost my content i have picher's sowing i did lost content . the's are the picher's sowing i lost my content do to 343 saver's went down right after conpleting the last mishon's on lesondary .
  3. ozarkfox

    halo 1 lost content

    give me back my conent plase you mest it up by tacking saver's down .
  4. I own the halo 5 xbox one it came with code that give's me 2 free war zone pack's every week as long as I have gold my'n gold expish's on the 16th well halo 5 is saying I don't have gold and is not giving me my war zone pack's ween I stell have gold tell the 16th of this month this is mest up im getting gold on the 4th but my gold dose not run out tell the 16th and halo 5 wont give me my free pack's do to it saying I don't have gold ween I do tell the 16th place's fix your **** 343 . iv post it about this on my youbute if you don't like it too bad fix's your bug's I post bug's on my youtube and about player's that lie about other's and that cheat .
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