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Found 6 results

  1. Hey forum. I'd like to try out a new game, 'Would you rather...'. You've got to ask a 'Would you rather' question, the next person in the thread responds with the answer then asks one them self. Example: Member1: Would you rather be an Elite or a Brute? Member2: Elite. Would you rather own any Lamborghini or any Ferrari? Lets go. Would you rather be a professional drum player or professional guitar player?
  2. Greetings, my name is Producer Destruct, and I am your sleazy content provider this evening. Mafia 22.0: It's been a long time coming. The prodigal son ascends from the Development Hell with an offering that has long since past it's expiration date, but is somehow still delicious! Classic III serves a similar experience to Classic II with a few additions, and changes in an iterative fashion. There's nothing too damning hopefully... How To Play: Roles: Stupid Rules: Player List: Axilus Prime Frankenzer Drizzy_Dan Melody Kakashi_Hatake Yang Xiao Long Church Delpen9 rrhuntington Wam BATMAN Dat Boi Orlando Composite Armour Caboose The Ace Role Status:
  3. Bnus, and Self Destruct are your hosts this evening! Mafia 10.0. We're doing things a little differently this game (obviously). Mafia, 343i: Remastered HD Legacy Collection, Remixed (Now with 110% more bugs!): Mafia I - 'New New New Phoenix': JL Mafia 1.0: JL Mafia 2.0: JL Mafia 3.0: Sikslik7 Mafia Returns: Axilus Prime Mafia 5.0: Dexter Grif Mafia 6.0: Yang Xiao Long Mafia 7.0: Age Of Conflict: Bnus, TheSilverCenturion The Ultimate Mafia, 8.0: Self Destruct, Yang Xiao Long Mafia 9.0: Banter Edition: UNSC Spartan II, Ruby Rose How To Play: Player List: Yang Xiao Long, Civilian - Lynched - Round 11 Yoshi1176, Undead - Executed - Round 12 Axilus Prime, Juggernaut Revenant - Lynched - Round 6 Monty Oum, Medic Revenant - Executed - Round 7 Helix Amell, Civilian - Executed - Round 13 Ash, Civilian - Executed - Round 1 Cursed Sharingan, Civilian - Executed - Round 5 Pbrabbit Delpen9, Detective Revenant - Executed - Round 9 Mr Kittens Tony Stark, Tesla - Executed - Round 8 Wally West, Frankenstein - Lynched - Round 7 Kakashi_Hatake, Civilian - Lynched - Round 9 Church The Director, Goon - Lynched - Round 1 BATMAN, Civilian - Lynched - Round 4 Arbiter747, Civilian - Lynched - Round 13 Cabbage The Ace, Undead - Executed - Round 4 rrhuntington, Alpha Zombie - Executed - Round 10 Frankenzer, Undead - Executed - Round 11 Agent York, Civilian - Lynched - Round 12 ​
  4. How to play: 1.) Copy the layout below. 2.) Insert a forum members name for each and every one. (Limited to one member per position) 3.) Post it! Pretend it's like Halo! You have: Your Enemy Ship Master: Your AI: Your Grave Mind: Your Crazy Driver: Your Forerunner Spark: Your Shipmaster: Your Overall Commander: Your Marine who throws a fit in the corner whenever he loses his squad or sees the flood: And the Awesome One:
  5. WELCOME! To the first 343i Mafia game! So obviously all of you (Apart from maybe one or two of you? Or maybe three. Or four.) are now wagging their heads going, "Mafia? What, is this where we create gangs and start dominating 343i's territory slowly?" and the answer is.....sadly, no. Not only is it not possible, it's also pretty illegal, so don't try that. Mafia....is a game. Where can it be played?....I dunno. Parties. Camps (That's where I played it my second time). On the internet! (That's where I played it my first time.) Especially thanks to a forum's capabilities, the normal game can be increased in what happens, what to do, etc. So, a general run down of what it is, for those who don't know - Ever played Clue on Halo before? Heard of Trouble in Terrorist Town? Similarly, Mafia features a group of 'innocent' players and a group of 'mafia' trying to head around killing all the innocent players. Then there are the other, roles, which I'll talk about later. But what makes it fun is that it is a game played on a forum, based around text! But first of all, plot. Here's this game's story! --- It has been a few months since New Phoenix was blasted by the Composer. Residents have started to head back into the area, but most of the people were afraid of what might be there, so instead they built a village right outside of New Phoenix, somewhere in the desert. However, the population grew so big the president (Yeah, they have presidents in cities in 255X) exiled a group of 17 people out. Of course he quickly got kicked off being POTNA after a surprise re-election 3 days later. So as he was exiled by the new president, he quickly joined the group of 17 people, who had already built a village outside the village named 'New New New Phoenix.' and officially forced everyone to get an ID which says their role. (You may think its stupid, but these are the people who named their village New New New Phoenix.) As they welcomed the Ex-President into their arms, little did the ex-president know that in these 17 people, a group of them wanted to kill everyone. For they....have been chosen.....as New New New Phoenix's Mafia. --- Anyway, lets get on to Roles! Like in Clue or TITT, Roles dictate what you do. Now, as I am the game host, I will be letting everyone know what their role is. But here are the exact list of roles, what they can/can't do, and how they can win. I've modified it to be more simple than before. You won't know other people's roles; you can figure this out by narrowing it down, PMing them, using psychology, etc. And, if you don't receive a PM from me, the game host, you will be a villager. If you receive a PM from me, you will know what role you are. Pro-Town x10-12 Villagers - Can't do anything but vote. Number depends on the number of people who join. x1 Detective - Every night, you can force any single player for their ID and they will give it to you, but won't be revealed to everyone. You must convince others who they are. x1 Medic - Every night, they can protect 1 person from the Mafia. This cannot be themselves. Anti-Town x3 Mafia - These guys will know of each other, and every night one will be forced to kill someone of Mafia leader choosing. In daytime they can still vote. If Mafia Leader is killed early, one Mafia is to take his place. x1 Mafia Leader - This guy leads the Mafia. Every night, they will PM the game host and state 1 name to kill. The Mafia will perform the killing, and during daytime, Mafia Leader can still vote. So, now you know the roles. Next you need to know the rules of how you play, and how you CAN play. RULES AND STUFF 1. You can PM others to ask for their roles. 2. You can screen cap PM's from others, edit the photos, and reveal your role or say another person's role. All of this can be the truth or the lie. 3. The dead don't vote, but they can PM and organize people in order to win for their side of the game. HOW TO PLAY 1. Nighttime begins. All roles that need to PM (Mafia Leader chooses who to kill and with which Mafian to commit the murder, Detective chooses one person to investigate to find their role, Medic chooses one person to prevent death from the Mafia) will do so. Nighttime lasts a maximum of 2 days, and the minimum is whenever all the roles have PM'd. 2. The scene is posted, and then daytime begins. The scene will contain clues indicating who the person who committed the murder is, if there is one. During 'daytime', every single player will vote (Simply by saying who they think the Mafia is) and all the votes will be collected over a 2 day time since the posting of the scene, or when everybody has voted and wants the lynching. 3. Those most voted for are lynched. Those lynched will have their roles revealed to every player. 4. The cycle goes onwards. Now, it is time for the roles that need to PM to do so again. And so it repeats, until one side wins. Pro town wins by lynching all the Mafia. The Detective, Medic and villagers can do this best by organizing everybody and focusing the votes on people they know are Mafia. Anti town wins by killing all the villagers. The Detective and Medic can be either alive or dead. Other Rules 1. Standard 343i rules apply. 2. Dear Staff, please don't threaten using your moderator powers to try and get roles out of others. Now, you know how to play! Simply, get your role, and perform it. Now to assign the roles.... Here is a list of numbers. State the number you want and your name will be placed beside it - you are now a registered member! 1. -Sparky- 2. Mr. Wolfy 3. Eliτε SnΙp3r 4. 5. 6. 7. Axilus Prime 8. Fox McCloud 9. 10. 11. Eagle 12. D38-Boss 13. JC13999 14. 15. 16. 17. Beckoningzebra1 18. LET THE GAME....BEGIN! P.S If you still have questions you can either write it down below or send me a PM. P.P.S If you still don't get how to play, visit http://www.topped-with-meat.com/connector/mafia.html. Its not the exact same game rules as this game, but similar enough for you to understand.
  6. Alright guys, this is a little forum game I'd thought I'd post. Basically you just say ANY word of a subject form the Halo universe. It can be anything from Halo, weapons, names, objectives, etc. And the person below you has to say what comes to their mind first then they say a subject from Halo! That simple. EXAMPLE: ME: What does the word "Halo" bring to your mind first? NEXT POSTER: A giant ring. What does the word "Elite" bring to your mind first? NEXT POSTER: *answers then says their word* I'll start us off. "Spartan"
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