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Found 5 results

  1. Installation 01 is a 100% free Halo fan game and artistic tribute to the series. The above video is our latest trailer. Also, check out our new website at http://installation01.org/! We're also very proud to announce our official partnership and affiliation with http://www.343industries.org/forum/! They will be hosting Installation 01's official forum! It is completely legal. We are carefully following the rules set forth in Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules. No content in our game has been “ripped,” it’s all handmade by our team. http://www.xbox.com/pt-BR/Community/Developer/Rules Our Goal is to bring a unique Halo multiplayer experience to Windows, Mac, and Linux. It will contain elements from multiple halo games (toggleable sprint, for example). The release date is roughly 5 months from now. This depends a lot on who joins our team. We are always looking for experienced and/or talented team members. Lots of asset pics here: http://imgur.com/a/HDK4Z Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Installation... Twitter: https://twitter.com/I01_Game Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/I01TheGame/
  2. I was thinking about how much I loved the feeling of playing an ODST in New Mombasa during halo 3 ODST, you didn't feel so overpowered as you do with Master Cheif and I think that is FANTASTIC. I felt that the story line had kept me on my toes and no other Halo game has done that since Halo one.The flashbacks really gave it that Alone yet not alone feeling which keeping me wanting to play to figure out what happened to my squadmembers. I had a special connection with these charectors and they where only in one halo game! That brings me to Lance Corporal "Rookie" aka John Doe. His past life with his incounters on reach would make a great game mixxed in with the backstory behind all the other sqaudmembers: Captain Veronica Dare, Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, Corporal Taylor H. "Dutch" Miles, Lance Corporal Kojo "Romeo" Agu, Private First Class Michael "Mickey" Crespo(Alpha Nine). These stories gives me a flicker of hope that someday a game will be made about these event and hopefully in the near future. It has been to long since we have gotton to play as the ODST (2009 to be presice), and in the regular Halo games we look at these guys as expendable soldiers ,but these guys and gals where the best of the best, considered the Navy Seals of today. Halo needs a little break from playing the "DEMON" once and awhile and i think it would be a great idea to introduce another HALO ODST. PLEASE 343 consider making another ODST game!! Thank you for reading, Bloomer1338
  3. I think that they should make a halo game not about the unsc but about the covenant from a elite or brutes perspective it should start off with an elite who just landed on reach and follow his journey throughout the rest of the war with him starting as a regular soldier to becoming a commander to first person shooters perspective of the battlefield to a halo wars,black ops 2 striketeam mission approach.with everything from shooting marines to commanding grunts to attack a base to sending a battalion of cruisers to go to war with unsc controlled planet. this game would tie in everything the halo games have been so far and much more.
  4. Along with a couple of friends, we have come up with a great idea for a game or game type that I know all gamers would love. Before I let it out to the public I would like to speak (preferably video chat) with a couple 343 game developers. This is a BIG game type. It would involve 50-100 players on each team with a map the length of 1000 yards. We have come up with everything from New vehicles to New weapons and armor. Those are all the details I can give to this post. I do want to keep most of the details on the down low so we can keep the idea original. PLEASE I'm now begging I just need 5 minutes to speak with a developer. I'm sure the world would love this game. Again all I need is 5 minuets and I'm sure they will be hooked.
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