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  1. Hello again my Friends, PSSSSHHHH, Wake up call, lets start a Riot crowd of bringing back the Arbiter in Halo 5 Guardians!!!! Recently just almost hours ago, my Twitter (@VenialZero6) has started a war, crowd basically to let 343 know that we want the Arbiter back in Halo 5! Please come join and support this cause... LETS LET 343 INDUSTRIES KNOW THAT WE WANT HIM BACK, THAT HE'S IMPORTANT, AND WE WONT STOP UNTIL WE SEE HIM BACK! COME SUPPORT THE CAUSE AT TWITTER!!!!!! HOPEFULLY THIS WILL SPILL SOME CONFIRMATION OUT OF 343 INDUSTRIES, BEFORE OR AFTER E3!!!!! Lets let them know, we really need a lot of people apart of this, i mean, BIG TIME LOTS, THOUSANDS, maybe if we're lucky enough even MILLIONS! I doubt it but you never know. Even thought theres a good possibility that he will return in the next installment, we are gonna push boundaries and catch 343 Industries attention. All you need to do, is Retweet the Tweets i make about them, Favorite them if you'd like, and most importantly, Reach out to 343 and share this with them, i mean i am aiming for Hundreds and Thousands of people apart of this...Even another step further, why not Elites back in MP? Hopefully, but lets show 343 we care, i mean, not bringing back Elites would be hella silly, no Elites in Multiplayer at least just ruins idea's of Machinima's! Lets hope we see our favorite Arby at the Launch of Halo 5: Guardians as Master Chief's sidekick again, lets even hope we see him in a trailer of the game at E3 2014! All we can do is hope and do this crowd. If you llike Arbiter and you want him to come back, please be apart of this if you have a Twitter, we're gonna start something big, i mean reallly BIG!!! Please join, and thanks for tuning in, this mean's a lot to me! Gamertag: VenialZero6
  2. Hello again my friends, I wanted to ask you, the community/343 industries as a whole, to help explain to me on how to work at 343 industries, being a Community Manager just like Bravo and bs angel. It has been my dream for quite some years now and i want to know how/what i can do to get prepared & what it takes to become one. I do know that job posistion is probaly wanted by many people, how ever, i see myself as having a quite good chance because i know bs angel and Bravo. Off Twitter and places like that. Just please help me out/understand what it takes, what responsibilites i have to face, and how to become in that part of 343's industry! Do i need to take some special courses in College, classes in High School or whatever, do i even need that, im planning on going to College but it's just a curious question on the tip of my head. Please please help me out, i have been trying to reach out to multiple people about this, this is my dream/goal... i am willing to do whatever it takes, Halo is my passion, i am obsessed with it, i will never stop running towards my goal of Working at 343, even if i have to clean Bathrooms ok, i am going to work at 343, no matter what is in the way, Halo has always been apart of my life span, i'm planning on continuing that and making it one step further, of working at the one and only, 343 industries! Question is, how do i make this goal become true, what college courses/High School classes do i need to take, how do i become the posistion i want, how much do they pay for Community Managers, no matter the cost, i am gonna do this! All i need now, is the answer to my problem, a solution to make this happen! Guys thank you so much for tuning into the post i made, PLZ PLZ Help, my Gamertag is VenialZero6, just put that in just in case so we could talk more about this topic. Thanks, please respond, please support my new account, you do not know how much this means to me, it means a lot! Guys thank you, and have a GREAT EPIC FANTASTICAL DAY!!!!!!
  3. Hello ladies and Gentleman, With epic Halo fans like you guys, i decided a quick thought to share with you guys that came straight out of my brain. I have no idea if 343 industries has thought of this yet, but i am very confident that this is a possible future inclusion. This would be one sick thing in Halo 5 defintly. But lets get straight in before i lose topic control and get into something else. So Promethean Vehicles? Could this even possibly happen at some point, i mean it sounds like some pretty epic thought, but is it really neccesary? I mean, a lot of fans could simply argue of how that would make the game feel more unHaloish, but its a pretty sick thing! Just imagine ok, jumping into a Ground n Pound assault vehicle and have it make some cool affects such as the Promethean weapon arsenel in Halo 4! Let me know in the comment/reply section of what you think. Again, this is ArbiterMLG, signing out! Follow me on Twitta: @VenialZero6 Xbox Live Gamertag: VenialZero6 Enjoy your beautiful day wonderful mates!!!!
  4. Wassup ladies and gents, My name is ArbiterMLG, Brandon, or you can call me Venial! (Vee-ny-al) I am a seasoned Halo veteran, been playing Halo for many years on end now. I make Dubstep, i kick a$$ at Halo, make custom Halo figurines, make custom fan made Halo 5 posters and much, much more! I have recently posted some different topics in various threads throughout this website and i am very excited to be apart of this community. I am glad to meet you all, hopefully if i ever meet one of you guys in a matchmaking battle we have a good, friendly no lag, clean game! I really love Halo, its been a major factor in my life span. Its great to be apart of this wonderful franchise. I will keep updated on this community forum site and i am planning on becoming a Legendary member! Let me know if you are interested in wanting a fan made custom Halo 5 poster, i am really excited and pumped up for E3 2014, its gonna be a blast, i gurantee it! Thank you all Halo fans, thanks so much for welcoming me into your great epic, awesome Community Forum page! You can count on me posting many new threads on a daily basis. Follow me on Twitter: @VenialZero6 Xbox Live Gamertag: VenialZero6 Have a wonderfully EPIC FANTASTICAL DAY MATES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hey hows it goin everybody, this may seem like a lil bit of a weird posting, but yes, i do know you can unlock Master Chief armor in War Games and Spartan Ops, but its defintly a remade version of Halo 2/3 MC armor. Its not the brand new KickA$$ tank armor we see in Halo 4's campaign. I was just wondering if this is a secret unlock, maybe the new Recon thing from Halo 3, or if this is not available at all, and maybe its available in Modding? What do you guy's think, please help me and support me i am brand new to this community website and im planning on becoming a Legendary member. Thats a lil offtopic but hey, the support really helps and id really appreciate it. Im really angry of why 343 decided the remade version, instead of Halo 4's version. But yes, you can debate whether it was a good decision or not being that Master Chief is a Spartan 2, while the Multiplayer/Spartan Ops are Spartan 4's. Please help me out, i wanna know this! Besides, i've beaten Campaign on Legendary and i know that is not the new cool armor. PS: Leave a comment or stuff below saying what your thoughts are on this, was i dumb for posting this, or is there really something secret, or maybe it's just Modding! Who knows? Please help me out! Gamertag: VenialZero6 Have a FANTASTICAL EPIC DAY BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Support really helps!
  6. Hey whats up! I am interested mostly cuz im just like you bro, storyline all day everyday! Im pretty good at war games but I still constantly play campaign, ur talkin to the right person, I have beaten Halo 4s campaign on legendary and I would be glad to help, hit me up and maybe sometime we can play as Master Chief n kick some covenant n promethean A $$!!! Gamertag: VenialZero6
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