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  1. I thought it was a pretty good movie and certainly head and shoulders above anything else released in 2013.
  2. That's a dangerous opinion man. I'll concede that Golden Axe has aged but I still enojoy them (give the third a try it fixes a lot of the issues of the first and second ones). Streets of Rage 1 has the same issue (however the music really brings the game up a few notches) however Streets of Rage 2 is probably the best beat em up game ever made and is in my opinion the best game for the Genesis (which is my favorite console).
  3. It's great to see a sucessful company still wanting to do something different. I love the Fable series but would prefer something new.
  4. I have no interest in any of the new consoles.
  5. Shouldn't this go in the other gaming platforms section? However my favorite game boy color games has to be Power Quest.
  6. See I agree with you to a fault. I think most of the "GTA wanna be games" are better (although I haven't played Saints Row) the only GTA games I like are Vice City and San Andreas. When IV came out a lot was changed and I completely lost interest and I didn't bother playing V.
  7. The WiiU may not be doing well but Nintendo rules the handheld department so I think they will be able to soldier on.
  8. Hopefully Sailor Moon can come and save the anime industry from the awful situation it's in now.
  9. It seems most "serious" or "hardcore gamers" don't like COD or sports games.
  10. I think Sleeping Dogs is a fair one. However I do agree most of the Games for Gold have been pretty lackluster.
  11. I disagree. In order for consumers to demand something in the video game market they need to stop buying the products that continue to come out. Nintendo won't stop making Mario games unless people stop buying them.
  12. The problem is Nintendo is still able to sell games because of their established name and IPs. The only way they will try something new is if the consumers demand it.
  13. Vangelis


    And from the graves the Dreamcast thread returns (peaseants rejoice).
  14. Vangelis


    Since everybody else seems to be making lists I may as well make one as well. (in no particular order) 1. Cowboy Bebop: Probably the reason I got into anime. I watched the movie with my uncle when I was knee high to a grasshopper. 2. Ghost in the Shell: One of my first exposures to cyber punk. Probably my favorite anime. Although in truth I prefer the movie. 3. Dragon Ball: Almost everybodys first exposure to anime. The definitive shonen. I do watch it mostly for nostalgia but I always get a kick out of it and have seen almost every episode (haven't finished GT but I don't really have an urge to) which for a shonen is rare. The other shows listed are much much shorter. Which is what I prefer. 4. Golden Boy: One of the funniest comedies of all time. It's only six episodes long but they are so rewatchable that it's not even an issue. 5. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Despite it's pretension still one of my favorites.
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